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About Custom Robo Fandub

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Custom Robo Fandub Audition Page!


This game is honestly one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm very excited to have your voices add even more to it! I've wanted a dub of this game for a long time, and now I'm finally going to make it a reality. 

So without any further ado, let us go over the rules of the project!


-Good mic quality is a MUST! I want this project to be the highest quality possible.

-You need to have either Skype or Discord. This is mostly so I can keep track of all the people involved in the project.

-NO BULLYING. If I see you being mean to another person in the comments ALL of your auditions will be immediately rejected. 

-Don't be afraid to try out new voices and pronunciations! I'm open to any interpretations!
-Don't be afraid to audition for the minor characters, they still have a pretty big role in the game!

-Be prepared for the amount of work. The game itself isn't too long, but there is a lot of dialogue so be prepared. If you can't handle a lot of lines, then don't audition for any of the main characters, ESPECIALLY HARRY.

-Be able to commit! This project is going to go on for quite a while, so be ready to stick with us for the long run!

-I will give feedback if asked for it, but just note that this feedback will be more about your acting than the tone of voice, considering I want everyone to feel free to use their own interpretations of the characters.

-You can audition for as many characters as you want! But just know that if you get cast for more than one character you'll have to do all the lines for all your characters as well.

-Have Fun! 


(Note: Some of the pictures have pretty terrible quality or use the blank image because it's super hard to find images of these characters online. I will eventually replace these images with better ones as time goes on and I'll remove this from the description when I'm done.)
(Another Note: Watch out, there are some minor spoilers in the descriptions of the auditions so be warned.)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold