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About Cursed Princess Club Voiceover

  1. Hi, there! If you clicked this project, you might be familiar with the awesome Webtoon comic Cursed Princess Club! But if you aren't, you're totally missing out. :P

Cursed Princess Club is a story created by a very talented person named LambCat, where a princess named Gwendolyn has just about everything a princess is expected to have. Except she's...not exactly what society would call 'beautiful'. But, with the help of some very peculiar princesses, she starts to feel that maybe that's not so bad. 

I found myself immediately identifying with Gwendolyn, as I sometimes struggle with accepting what I see in the mirror too. I felt such a connection to her, that I wanted to voice her. With that in mind, I invited some fellow members of Voice Acting+ Guild on Discord and I hosted the comic reading. We had so much fun that we read 17 pages! I loved voicing Gwen, I thought the few members that joined did an amazing job, and we all wanted to do it again. So I thought 'Instead of another practice, why don't we actually record?'. Long story short, I've got two guild mates manning a narrator, two kings, and a prince, and my two aspiring voice actress friends, who've got two princesses and the CPC president. But there's still many more characters in need of voices! So if you're interested, just audition, and you should be able get to voice someone! We'd love to have you! <3

No professional microphone required, all I need is for you to be loud enough and try your best to have no background noise. Preferably no static. I started this project with only a tablet and earplugs to record, so willing to hear anyone's audition. Both male and female voices are needed for this, all accents and voice types welcome. This project is long term, but only doing season 1 for now, which is 29 episodes, so keep that in mind when auditioning. Even if it's a small role, it's always possible they'll reappear in the comic down line, so you we may try to summon you again! 

Everyone in the project communicates and works with each other via the project's Discord server, so you must have or be willing to get Discord should you receive a role. And you must check your messages there and respond timely. Active communication is necessary so that the project is not stagnant. 

Lastly, please read the comic to get a proper feel of the characters you wish to voice and throw your love at LambCat! <3

About the Creator: Krimson Kari

I'm an art fanatic whose work largely consists of traditional sketches. I've wanted to do voice acting for a long time, but had my aspiration for it rekindled in late 2019. I have 2 story ideas that I hope to make into webcomics eventually. I am currently trying to find voice actors for the characters of said stories, so that they will have ref sheets that let others hear how I imagine my characters' voices. So, if you would like to offer your voice, or would like to help out with any other aspect of my stories, you are welcome to ask! Though if you have no inquiries and just wish to get to know me, feel free to message me any time!

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