Im miner, ive got a passion for voice acting. Do check out my previous projects and you can message me if you want!Have a nice day.

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About thatoneminer

Im Dutch and have had vocal training when i was younger. I was born with a very loud voice that i could change alot so eventually i started wanting to become a va. So here i am trying to see and improve. If you have any tips im happy to hear them.

I speak basic level of German and French and im fluent at English and Dutch


Currently no real prices as i am just starting out. 

What thatoneminer is looking for

As i said earlier i wanted to try and do this as a hobby. I plan to go more technical for professional work but i want to do this as a side job. To do so i have to improve and work on what i can and cant do. Best way to do that is to gain expirience in the field, thats why im here in ccc, to learn improve and gain oppurtunities.
also im trying to learn more about sound edititng aswell as im not good at it yet