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M Salinger25's Previously Completed Works

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About CPI: Cryptid Paranormal Investigators (Podcast)[Replacments and extras]

This is a reposting of sorts for a project my cast and I have been working hard on for the last few months. It has come to my attention as I have lost cast members and continued production, that my current vast is not big enough to pull the weight they are carrying. I am looking for more extras and understudies ready to step up to the plat. some of these are also official castings too! so I hope you give it a go with your best performance and best attitude I look forward to working with those who audition and are selected

  1. Hello! My name is Morgan Salinger, I am an upcoming Author and creator. I am currently looking for some voice actors seeking to jumpstart their careers or find their callings in an idea for a project I have kept in my mind for six years. Unfortunately this, as of now, is an unpaid job. If you read past that and you are still interested I will now inform you of this story. CPI will follow three characters as they journey through a world where creepy internet legends aren't legends. It is set to be a 12 part series, the span of the project is unknown. my current goal is under a year to prevent the stress of my unpaid workers. 
  2. How It Works: The actor will be cast as one or more characters in this project. He/she/ They will record their audio clips separately and will submit them to the "Episode folder". this makes it easier to access and allows for others to match tones with the fellow cast. We will communicate with each other via Discord, this is where we will talk about each episode, answer questions and hold group read-throughs. these dates will be determined based on everyone's schedules. If a couple of actors find it difficult to match with the whole group then one-on-one is available. If I feel you need help bringing out your role I may ask you to join me for coaching with another actor!
  3. Qualifications: I am not requiring a background of any kind. Our goal is to grow as a family.

Below is an episode/arc reference for each character

[The Hunt]

Episode 1: Sleepless 

Episode 2: Taste Funny  

Episode 3: Hibernation   

Episode 4: Skinwalker 

Episode 5: The Stranger 

[Proxy’s Past]

Episode 6: It came from within 

Episode 7: No Strings Attached 

Episode 8: Proxy Pt 1: The Child 

Episode 9: Proxy Pt 2: The Overlord 

[The Court of The Cryptids] 

Episode 10: Dead Roses 

Episode 11: Nothing cuts like a brother 

Episode 12: Journey's End Pt 1: Compendium 

Episode 13: Journey's End Pt 2: The Sandman

Project-separation: The slander of another due to their "Performance" will no be tolerated Everyone is been given an equal opportunity, my castings are made for a reason. If I or you feel like the project is too much to take on for a busy schedule  I might ask you to take on a less involved role or if we both feel it is necessary then you may leave the project. If you feel you dont like the project you may leave, just give me the notice to replace your role. 

My Role: My job will be to maintain the performance and morale of all cast members, I am also doing the clip editing and scriptwriting. If there is anything you need please come talk to me. 

- I want to thank you all for your consideration and I look forward to working with any of you!

About the Creator: m_Salinger25

I am a solo creator hoping to create a diverce story and other fun projects along the way.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold