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    About ClayFighter: The Character Casting Call

    LLEETTTS GET READY TO CRUMBBLLLLEEE!!! Everyone's favorite 90's fighter is BACK, and is ready for action! However, we can't possibly go on with a ClayFighter title without some wonderful voice actors, and that's where this casting call comes to play. 


    All are welcome to try out each part, and we will be updating this casting call as we go. The auditions will last around 6 months so we have full attendance, however parts is not guarentee to stay up for this long, so please be aware and make sure you get your auditions in as soon as you possibly are able to. All auditions will end June 9th 2017. We cannot extend this nor promise any sort of deals to any specific person in terms of time (Because come on, 6 months is plenty of time) So remember, don't procrastinate and get your part in before it's too late! 


    Rule #1: PROVIDE THE BEST!

    Make sure you send us HIGH QUALITY AUDIO. (Or at least your BEST) This is super critical, as well as showing off your talents. The better your audio, the better chances you have of getting the part you want! If you cannot provide high quality audio, let us know! Don't feel like you cannot get it, because if you ARE selected, we will help you. 


    PLEASE try to sound like the sounds we are able to provide. (Example: Don't submit a Freddy Fazbear impression underneath Bad Mr. Frosty or anything silly, or any pranks in that manner) Although there WILL be parts that don't have any sort of refrence, but not many. Regardless, feel welcome to provide any sort of fresh air to the voice you wish to do! Having something similar to the refrence as well as talent will almost guarentee you that particular spot. 

    Rule #3: WRITE US A MESSAGE! 

    Writing messages is a great way to connect with you! If you have Skype or Discord, it's highly advised that you write to us your username so we can contact you and provide an interview. If you have a resume of any past projects you have worked on (voice acting, music, exc), that will also help you greatly. All we ask of you in terms of writing is be yourself! Introduce yourself in any sort of fassion you please. Just don't write to us how much better you are at everything like Ian Bernardo. (internet high five if you watched American Idol)

    Rule #4: HAVE FUN!

    Yeah yeah, that's what they ALL say. Well...maybe? I'm not sure, but regardless we'd like for you to have as much fun auditioning as possible! Seriously, please enjoy doing this! It's not like we are asking you to be doing Phantom of the Opera! We cannot guarentee how much fun you'll have doing these parts, and maybe it's just buisness for you, but we hope you all enjoy giving it a shot! 


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClayFighter_(series) -> There you go! I'd recommend you Google it if you wanna, it's a lot of fun to see. 


    There's a video bellow of us talking about our video game, and it gives off a lot of awesome information about the game! Warning: If you hate Podcasts, I'm sorry.

    NOTE: The casting call will be updated on a weekly basis!
    Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/clay_fighter

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold