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Silver Cobalt's Previously Completed Works

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    About CAM! -Audio Play-

    CAM! is a story that I've started developing in my head mainly. I've got a short scene scripted out and I want to test the water so to speak. So I need some voices for the characters. Sorry for not having any pictures, but I haven't had the time to get someone to draw them or draw them myself.

    Note: This project isn't indefinite, If I don't feel like its going to work...then it's going to be scraped or just remade. As for characters, if you are casted...don't expect to stay on forever. I might think your voice will work but end up not liking it for the roles. That being said, here are some rules.

    1. As most common, have a clear microphone. I don't care if there is just a tiny bit of background hum or whatever....but if it is very prominent, it won't do. So if I don't feel your recording is clear enough, I will say so on your audition.

    2. One of the more important ones. ACTING! don't audition if you're not going to bring it. What I and others look for greatly are people with great skill in acting. Being able to bring that character to life and displaying great emotion. As with the microphone one, I will tell you if I don't feel you are doing so.

    3.HAVE FUN! If you need to change the line a bit. Go ahead. Make the character yours. Just try to keep the spirit of it. Remember, what I want for the character is always what I want. If you make an audition that I think fits perfectly...well that's what gets casted. So do your best!

    Side note: lines here are not lines from the script, they are simply lines the character would say.

    PS: also, at one point id like characters to sing. So if you can, show what you can do. If you can't...well that's okay, we can get someone to play a singing role.

    PSS: This will start out as an Audio Play. The hope for the future is an animatic or animation for it.

    About the Creator: silver cobalt

    Hello, my name is Vincent Wise; I go by Silverly online. If you enjoy any of my auditions or my demo reel and wish to have me on a project just go ahead and contact me. Dont know why youd want me though X3. Luv ya'll <3

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold