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    About Bubblegum Crisis: The Audio Drama - Recasting for the final episodes

    The original Bubblegum Crisis, is a sprawling anime video series focusing on the adventures of a band of high-tech mercenaries, known as the Knight Sabers. It was steeped in corporate intrigue, commentaries on what it means to be human, and fast-paced rock 'n roll action. It was also an early proving ground for some of the biggest names in anime over the last three decades.

    Set in the year 2047, the Bubblegum Crisis Audio Drama (or BGCAD) is an original take on the cyberpunk anime classic. We're drawing from the mythology of both the original video series and the Tokyo 2040 TV series, as well as their various offshoots. It features a great deal of the original music from all the various anime, as well as a few other sources to create a truly unique vision of the world of Megatokyo.

    Despite the title, this production is more of a “podiobook” than a traditional audio drama, which means that some roles in this production are quite large. At the moment, the first “arc” of 30-60 minute episodes has been released at forwardmomentumproductions.com/bgc. The second and third arcs are post production. This casting call is for the final episodes of the series.

    The stories are told first person, with the narrating character changing scene to scene. As such, the amount of work can shift from as much as half the dialog, to only a few lines on an episode by episode basis.


    One caveat.... this series depicts realistic portrayals of violence and carries an explicit tag for language, adult content, and violence.It's used only in a realistic manner, no dropping swear words just for the rating. However, none of these roles contain language worse than PG. One of these arcs deals briefly with the sexual assault of a young woman.

    All auditions should be in mp3 or wav format, at or near CD quality if you can manage it. Naming convention is the standard “CharacterName_YOUR NAME.mp3”. Both audition lines for a character in a single MP3 is fine. Critiques available upon request.

    General advice: this project is NOT Pokemon, or MLP. Cute, chirpy voices are not appropriate for any of the roles.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold