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Cheshirespade's Previously Completed Works

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    About Brothers Conflict Abridged Series

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  I'm sad to say that I'm most likely abandoning this project. My studies have gotten in the way and with only a few real days before my roadtrip to Florida, I won't have time over this Summer to do anything. Maybe one day in the future it will be completed, but as things are now, nothing is progressing, Thank you to everyone who auditioned and provided lines for the characters. I'm sorry this didn't take off as I had hoped, but maybe in the future.

    Hello there! So, my friend and I came up with the idea to make a Brothers Conflict Abridged Series!! There are of course a few requirements in order to be cast:

    1: You must have a quality microphone. I don't care, I need to be able to hear your voice loud and clear and not have it sound like a potato, got it? Good.

    2: Turn in your lines BEFORE THE DEADLINE. I'm very busy and will have little time to edit the video, but I can't edit it at all if you don't give me your lines. So, be on time.

    3: Must have a flexible schedule.

    4: Be willing to swear and make sexual jokes. Enough said.

    5. There will be lots of yaoi moments. Don't like, don't audition.

    I will start sending out the script when we have it finished. We want all the voices cast first. Expect it sometime. IT WILL HAPPEN, I SWEAR!



    Ema Hinata

    Juli the Squirrel


    Iori Asahina

    Tsubaki Asahina

    Natsume Asahina

    Azusa Asahina

    Wataru Asahina

    Louis Asahina

    Subaru Asahina

    Kaname Asahina

    Ukyo Asahina

    Fuuto Asahina

    Hikaru Asahina

    Yuusuke Asahina

    Masomi Asahina


    Miwa Asahina

    Rintarou Hinata/Asahina

    Roles Cast

    Ema Hinata: anodyne

    Juli the Squirrel: 

    Iori Asahina: Rarzrevenge

    Tsubaki Asahina: Rixenxiv

    Natsume Asahina: Christianf97

    Wataru Asahina: bkirby22

    Azusa Asahina: rhyms

    Miwa Asahina: insomniaticvoiceactress

    Louis Asahina: angrydragonva

    Subaru Asahina: Hallow

    Kaname Asahina: Kcouto1945

    Ukyo Asahina: Kcouto1945

    Fuuto Asahina: Emilyice

    Hikaru Asahina: ladyopower

    Yuusuke Asahina: ladyopower

    Rintarou Hinata/Asahina: angrydragonva

    Masomi Asahina: angrydragonva

    About the Creator: cheshirespade

    Hello! My name is Cheshire, or Ches for short. I'm a cosplayer of three years (Febuary 2014) and I enjoy voice acting in my spare time. I usually do more...generic female voices, with the occasional high-pitch anime girl somewhere in there. I'm very busy, unfortunately. This means i may not get around to recording or checking emails till the last minute, so I do apologize for anything that may happen in the future where I procrastinate on a call or miss your email.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold