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    About "Big Man Stab" (a Goofy Birthday Present)

    Let me begin by saying hello to everyone who ended up being remotely interested in this project!

    Now allow me to get down to business...

    My friend's Birthday is this month and I would like to get her something special. Since she lives rather far away, I decided a video would be a fun idea. I was trying to figure out what exactly this video would be while I was looking through old Google Docs and found a story my younger brother wrote containing one of her original characters, who is arguably her favorite, Kitt. The story is call "Big Man Stab" and there's more backstory about that I can get into later if you're interested, but I'm attempting to keep this somewhat brief. Basically, it's a very short, not even one-page long story that's riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

    The Plot

    Kitt is about to infiltrate Ivory (the main antagonists of her stories) territory, when he is ambushed by a girl who really wants to fight him, in order to protect the ivories. The fight for a while until Kitt gets the ingenious idea to kiss her and then literally stab her in the back.

    The Video

    The video will likely be short and contain narration as well as voice actors for Kitt and the girl who he fights. The video will probably be filled with visual and text gags. On the off chance that I get my tablet to function in time, I might do original illustrations for the video.


    This video is definitely NOT going to be done by her birthday, considering it's tomorrow as of me posting this. I would simply like it to be done within the month of August. That way it will be a belated Birthday present. After you get a role, I can find a way to get you your lines, as well as send you the full story for context's sake. Because there's not very much to read, I will simply ask that you record your lines and send them to me. Feel free to deviate from the script a little if you think it would be funnier.

    It is preferred that you have a good-quality microphone, or at the very least, have little to no background noise in your final recording. Everything else, I'm rather flexible with.


    Happy Auditioning and thank you all once again!

    About the Creator: dj-elfin

    Hello there! I'm DJ Elfin or Liv if you wish to call me by a more professional name.

    I joined this site to find voice actors for small animation projects maybe audition for a few roles here and there.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold