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Amara Butterfly's Previously Completed Works

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    About Beasts Under the Moon (PAID PROJECT)


    As a war brews between the beings of the deep underground and the wolves of Alaska, many are caught in the crossfire where their allegiance is either hindering or non-existent.
     Amara is stuck in her own personal struggle between loyalty to her kind who shunned her or help monsters who wish to use her, and it seems the only light she has is in the form of a beast who will haunt her for better or for worse.  

    This project is partnered with the project 'Beasts Under The Sun' by TheWolfHowl 

    Main Characters: $20
    Supporting Characters: $10
    Pay will be through PayPal
    You will be paid for every script you receive!

    This project is set in Alaska

    Supernatural drama

    1. A crisp mic is a requirement and non-negotiable, please none with bad quality or it will be ignored 
    2. Read each line three times with different variations of tones as I would like to hear a variety 
    3. There will be scenes are that mature such as scenes of a sexual nature, scenes of a violent nature and crude language, IF you are not okay with any of this then please do not audition 
    4. Dedication is a must so you must be able to meet all deadlines that are placed for each script HOWEVER there are allowances for being past deadlines such as sickness or a personal situation that is unavoidable. 

    This will be a long project that will take time so patience is must, if casted then you will provide a name that you would like to be credited by. 

    Personal Note about this series:

    This project is based on a book I have been writing. I love this story and I am so excited to be making it into an animation. I have been animating for about seven years now. I started out very young and since about a couple years ago, I had a lot going on in my life and I had to take a long break from production of any of my stuff. However, now I'm back and with the help of TheWolfHowl I will be able to push stuff out regularly again. I am the one who designs the characters and sets and of course I film too but for now TheWolfHowl will be doing most of the filming. For a while I have been learning mesh modeling and content creation, so I will be able to make necessary things for both of our series. If you are curious about how our stories connect, I will tell you this.
    TheWolfHowl's series takes place later in the future and all of her characters are connected to mine. You might find similar last names and other similarities as well. I hope you all enjoy following along to both and I wish you all luck! 

    Link to other project:

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold