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About Be More Chill Audio Series | Complete Musical (JEREMY'S DAD, RICH AND JAKE NEEDED!)

   Be More Chill was originally a book made in 2004 by Ned Vizzini, which was then made into a musical in 2015, by Joe Tracz and Joe Iconis. Currently, there isn't a popular Be More Chill audio series version, so I figured to create one! I have the original pdf file of the script, so all lines will be used from that. Hello! I'm Sodapopp, better known as Kelly, and I decided to create an audio series version of the complete musical, Be More Chill. 


PRODUCTION LENGTH: Around an hour and thirty minutes - Two hours


   That being said, I want to put down the obvious 'rules' here. 

1) Have clear audio. I don't own a mixer or anything like that, so please understand I can't do much with editing singing. 

2) I don't want to see any hate about anything! Casted as a role or not, you won't be considered/you will be replaced.

3) Please own Skype or Discord, Skype mainly. This is ideal to reach out to everyone at once.

4) While recording, say each line three times. 


   There are two acts, yet I'll still deciding if I want this in one or two videos. 

Act One: Jeremy Heere heads off to school. Afterward, he meets up with his best friend for lunch, Michael Mell. Jeremy spots his crush, Christine Canigula. He signed up for the school play to try to become closer to Christine. At rehearsal that afternoon, Jeremy strikes up a conversation with Christine, who tells him about how much she loves acting. After rehearsal, Jeremy heads to the bathroom to attempt to wash off the word "Boyf" off his backpack that RIch Goranski wrote. Unfortunately, Rich is in the bathroom with Jeremy and Rich explains what an SQUIP (S.uper Q.uantum U.nit I.ntel P.rocessor) is and tells Jeremy how to get one. Later that night, Jeremy meets with his best friend Michael to play video games. During this, Jeremy explains what happened in the bathroom with Rich and Michael is super skeptical that Rich is "scamming you. He’s scamming you super weirdly." Jeremy decides to visit the dealer Rich mentioned to see if he was legit. It turns out he's was legit, Jeremy buys the SQUIP pill and is instructed to take it with Mountain Dew. With nothing happening, Michael and Jeremy the mall. Jeremy notices Christine and Jake and decided to confess his love to Christine, right when the SQUIP activates. Almost immediately, The SQUIP tells Jeremy that he is "pathetic" and needs to change entirely. The SQUIP commands Jeremy to change his appearance and runs into Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna and they offer him a ride home, but he turns them down to meet with Michael again. The SQUIP informs Jeremy that he should listen to whatever he says to do because Michael left. Finally realizing his wish of someone to help him become cool, he vows to listen to The SQUIP. Later on that afternoon, Christine realizes Jake might have used her as the cast practices their zombie-apocalypse version of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Christine tells Jeremy how she likes Jake, breaking his heart. Although The SQUIP tells Jeremy to date Brooke so he becomes more popular. Later on, The SQUIP makes Jeremy 'forget' about Michael since he's going to 'drag him down'.

Act Two: At Jake's party, Chloe tries to seduce Jeremy into having sex with him, which he refuses but his SQUIP makes him kiss her, yet they get caught by Jake. Chloe tries to convince Jake that she and Jeremy were having sex, with Brooke looking for him outside the door. Jeremy runs away into a bathroom and finds Michael hiding in the bathtub, who warns him how dangerous an SQUIP is. Jeremy gets the impression that Michael is jealous when in reality, Michael was trying to look out for his old friend. Jeremy walks away while calling Michael a loser, which makes Michael have a panic attack. Jeremy runs into Christine, who explains that her date, Jake, was having make-up sex with Chloe, revealing their break up. Jeremy tries asking her out, and she declines. Meanwhile, Rich is asking people if they have any Mountain Dew Red and later on he burnt the house down. Jenna Rolan told everyone that Jake tries saving his best friend Rich, resulting in Jake breaking both his legs. Jeremy's father notices the sudden changes in his son and confronts him, results with Mr. Heere asking Michael for his help to get his old friend back. He agrees and went to the school since this was the night of the play. The SQUIP tells Jeremy to give Jenna an SQUIP once she reveals how she feels depressed that no one truly wanted to be her friend. The SQUIP reveals that he made Jenna dump a bunch of SQUIPS in the refreshment for the cast, Mountain Dew, which activates SQUIPs. Michael comes to the rescue with Mountain Dew Red and gives it to Jeremy after says sorry to him, which results in Jeremy giving the Mountain Dew Red to Christine since she too was 'squipped'. If you kill one SQUIP it kills the rest, and everyone becomes squip-free. Near the ending, Jeremy finds himself in Rich's hospital room, him too is squip-free, and reveals he's bisexual. At the ending, Jeremy asks out Christine again and she agrees to date him.

(My source could be found here.)

   Yes, you need to sing. This is the list of the songs in this production: 

'More Than Survive' (Jeremy Heere. Michael Mell, Company)

'I Love Play Rehearsal' (Christine Canigula)

'The SQUIP Song' (Rich Goranski and Ensemble)

'Two Player Game' (Jeremy Heere and Michael Mell)

'The SQUIP Enters' (Ensemble)

'Be More Chill Pt. 1' (The Squip, Jeremy Heere, Mall People)

'Do You Wanna Ride?' (Brooke Lohst and Chloe Valentine)

'Be More Chill Pt. 2' (The Squip, Jeremy Heere, Mall People)

'More Than Survive Reprise' (Jeremy Heere, The Squip, Ensemble)

'A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into' (Christine Canigula, Jeremy Heere, The Squip, Ensemble)

'Upgrade' (Brooke Lohst, The Squip, Christine Canigula, Jake Dillinger, Company)

'Halloween' (Brooke Lohst, Jake Dillinger, Chloe Valentine, Rich Goranski, Jenna Rolan, Company)

'Do You Wanna Hang?' (Chloe Valentine)

'Michael in the Bathroom' (Michael Mell)

'Rich Set a Fire (The Smartphone Hour)' (Jenna Rolan, Chloe Valentine, Brooke Lohst, Ensemble)

'The Pitiful Children' ( The Squip, Jenna Rolan, Ensemble)

'The Pants Song' (Jeremy's Dad and Michael Mell)

'The Play' (Michael Mell, Jake Dillinger, Brooke Lohst, Chloe Valentine, Jeremy Heere, Christine Canigula, Ensemble)

And finally 'Voices in My Head' (Jeremy Heere, Christine Canigula, Ensemble).

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