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About Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (Episode 1 + 2) - [Closed]


Hey there, viewer! This casting call was actually published on 9/3/2016, and not on 1/19/2016. It was saved as a draft in January, and wasn't published till now. Just wanted to make that distinction!


Malpercio,  an evil god spoken of only in legend, is being resurrected. His existence poses a threat to the newfound world above the clouds. The Empire is planning to use Malpercio's infathomable power for their own means.

Xelha is a selfless woman out on a journey to prevent this from happening.

Kalas is an ill-mannered man out for revenge.

These two travelers are destined to meet and form a friendship out of necessity to get what they want.

Hi all! I'm Charaito, the director of this project who's on a quest to dub a fantastic video game!

We have completed the trailer and are continuing where we left off to begin casting for Episode 1 and 2! This is an ongoing project, and more characters will be added as needed.

Auditions are also on BTVA.


• Please do your best to act out your character instead of simply reading lines

• Have a decent mic. (Keep your audition static-free and clear, if possible)

• If you are cast (and especially if you are a recurring character who appears multiple times) please try to be dedicated and plan to stay with the project.

• Have fun! Please feel free to audition for as many characters as you like.

Pronunciation List:

• Cebalrai [SEB-bull-rye]
• Cedr [SEE-der]
• Meemai [MEE-my]
• Larikush [LARRY-koosh]

• Magnus [MAG-ness] "mag" as in "magazine"

• Pherkad [FUR-kad]
• Giacomo [JACK-Ko-Mo)
• Goldoba [Goal-DOH-buh]
• Malpercio [Mal-PER-She-Oh]
• Palolo [PUH-low-low]

About the Creator: charaito

I'm an artist with a passion for video games (especially of the JRPG genre), performance, and musicals! ♫

While I'm trying to forge a path for myself as a designer, acting and singing have long been strong interests of mine.

Voice Range

My voice usually suits medium - medium low voices for women best, but now and then I'm not afraid to push my boundaries!


Took a life-changing storytelling class in 2014, and have been at this since Fall 2015. Performed several on-stage performances of the storytelling variety. Mostly humor. Made it into the top 10 finalists' round of a storytelling and oral interpretation competition.

7 years of Choir as an Alto.


✫ Proud director of the Baten Kaitos Fan Project! Yeah - that one JRPG
with a card-game battle system that isn't Yu-Gi-Oh! [Project Website] ✫
  • ✦ Episode 1 - Forbidden Ruins ✦
  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold