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Novaproductions's Previously Completed Works

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    About Avatar: The last Airbender Abridged

    We are currently producing season one,  and plan to abridge the other two seasons. We are also looking for people interested in working on editing, sound composition, and audio mixing. We also ask that only people 15+ audition as there are more mature theme's in the abridged. If you have any questions, feel free to email us and you can follow us on insta for updates @realnovaproductions 

    Apologies for the characters we couldn't find names for! We did our best with nicknames.

    Side note: If a characters line isn't labeled with a tone, it's up to the voice actors discretion  

    About the Creator: novaproductions

    We are Nova Productions and are excited to announce our first project; Avatar the Last Airbender: Abridged! The series you love, rewritten by people you don’t know, on a shoestring budget. We are casting multiple roles ranging from main characters to extra voices. We're also looking for people to help us with the video and voice editing.

     Right now our main team is composed of Dani, our Director and Writer and me, Taisie! I'm your Casting Director, Assistant Writer, and Editor. Oh, I can't forget our furry assistants, Finn, and Bean! They're a very important part of the team.

    This is our first abridged project, and we hope to be making others in the future, so look out for those casting calls! We have a few anime's in mind, but knowing our writer that list will grow. (Love you Dani <3) All updates on that will be posted in our discord server (which is coming soon!) , as well as on our Instagram. 

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