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Lolou Chan's Previously Completed Works

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About Kelly Pines High! - Minecraft Roleplay!

This is a mine-craft role play staring a a group of teens the main character being Azora! When Azora and her sister are welcomed back into the town of Springerville they are extremely excited for a fresh start! With new friends and old allies they take the town by storm!

LolouChanGaming as  Azora Avery
CuteDragonGaming as Blythe Avery
Youtube Channels:
LolouChanGaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdBlS4MYrtrVXZI5XqFyOg
CuteDragonGaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHY_B7x_x-b44-V1tBVEacg
Wattpad Accounts:
LolouChanGaming: https://www.wattpad.com/user/LolouChan

1. Decent Mic-Not that much noise please
2.Work between deadlines - I will not tolerate slackers
3.No Drama queens/kings! I don't want a cast with any problems
5.Emails Please!
5,Have at least Google Hangouts,Discord or Skype! If you don't please go and sign up to at-least 1!


Also make sure to contact me or CuteDragonGaming through these YouTube channels  when you are casted and if you need my email talk to me over my vids :) also if you are not chosen and want to know when another role is going to pop up just check my or CuteDragonGaming's channel! This is going to be a VERY long waiting project! I'll try and update now and again on my youtube channel and here!
Follow along cause more roles are coming soon!

About the Creator: LolouChan

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