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    About Asuna X Tomas the Tank Engine the Animated Movie 18+

    Attention all who support this project!! We Have A Discord Server!!

    As a fledgling film producer and director. I wanted to start big. But I had no way of knowing what that BIG IS. Then it hit me. I should make a big passion project instead of a coming out feature film. So there you have it! I went directly to the drawing board. Many ideas flew into me, only some stuck. As I child I remember watching Tomas and Friends and always thinking "Gee, I would like a piece out of Percy's ass." as I got older I realized why Tomas the Tank Engine was the protagonist of this featured children's cartoon series, Tomas was the name in the front of "Tomas and Friends." because Tomas was the sexiest tank engine that would appeal to children, and they were right. As a starting out animation viewer I was quite uncultured and thought Percy was the most sexually appealing character in the show, but now as I got cultured, I grew and was fermented into the avid enthusiast I am now.
    In my young pre-teen ages, I discovered the world of Chinese cartoons from a remembrance of my past viewing One Piece at 6 years old in my older sister's room on her computer. I found many shows like Himeg-... (Let's forget that one.), FairyTail, Death Note, and Sword Art Online.
    The beauty and brilliance of the show Sword Art Online was apparent in the first episode, even the best female protagonist was obvious. Upon further viewing when we were shown the grace, the independence, and the obvious weaknesses of the main female protagonist: Asuna, we were reminded of how great a author Reki Kawahara is. From the moments in the show when she was being stalked by the man who resembled Jeff Goldblum the interactions between all of the characters was splendid, the part when she was molested by the super long haired, pansy, Link from the Legend of Zelda was gorgeously animated as well as acted on. My favorite of all was when she was rubbed by the pink ditto squid like tentacle creatures.

    My enjoyment of all of these franchises brought me to the creation of this project:

    Asuna X Tomas is a adult only movie revolving around the relationship of Tomas and his ex-homoerotic past with Percy, and the splitting up so Tomas can easily rest along with his true love, Asuna Yuki. We will also take a close and personal viewing of the issues with Asuna and her breaking up with her abusive and clinically insane husband Kazuto Kirigaya.

    Asuna wants to leave Kazuto because Kazuto is stuck believing that AI robots actually have feelings, many times he has tried to hang himself while having cords puncturing his flesh so that he can die and be transferred to the video game world.

    Tomas wants to leave Percy, because Tomas was witnessed to by a Mormon Missionary and now he believes that God has requested of him to leave his relationship with Percy because its immoral. Percy is a slut.

    In this great romantic quest, we will explore many topic such as suicide, domestic violence, Mormonism, homosexuality, transformers, and sexually explicit conversation, if you are of the faint of heart this movie and project is not for you.

    We will only accept adult sounding actors, and hopefully adult actors.

    You likely will not get paid till after the project is complete, and possibly a few weeks afterward.

    Please if you audition, do not leave any white noise, peaking, or pops in your recording. We also prefer you to use XLR equipment over USB.

    Please we ask that you know a little bit about the franchises that are taken into use for this fan project.

    Thank you for read and get on with the auditions.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold