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Teirie's Previously Completed Works

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    About Original Animation Project - Coming Back soon! Closed for now!

    1. Update: Coming back soon, closed for now.

    2. Have questions? Do ask!

      This is a long term project, so if you’re thinking it’s like a short animated series, it’s not. I will be crediting everyone who has helped me on this project, I mean why not? You can tell others you’ve worked on this project (AFTER IT’S FINISHED). You can say you’re working with an animated series, but can’t spoil it YET. It's like the Japanese cartoons style, they call it "Anime" even though that just means "Animation." (I do not own any images, but It will look something like that. If you get to be in the cast, I will show you the real art for the show.)

      We are making an animated series, but we want the animation to fit with the voices and not the voices to fit with the animation. 

      I will not tell you the actual plot or characters, but I will give you an example of what type of characters there are. I kind of want the story itself to be more of a surprise.

      For the auditions, I will give clear examples of characters like “Overly obnoxious energetic teenage girl who is quite harsh to her friends and thinks she’s better than everyone else.” You might understand what that character might be like. I will ask you to redo your audition if I really want to hear more.

      I will cast people through private message or discord, so please put your discord down or email, those two are fine! (To send lines) I will make a document showing the list of actors, so that everyone would know who is who.

      (If you don’t get cast, but really want to be apart of this, you can be the first viewers of the final storyboards to see if it’s good. Just private message me, that’s all.)

      Don’t ask for money, however this can be used for your resume for the future!


      Here’s some MUST rules.

      1. 1. You must have a good microphone: Sometimes when you’re too close or far, it may sound weird. You don’t want the weird reverb sound, so please make sure it’s good quality. If you’re recording on a phone or anything that isn’t good quality microphone do not be surprised if you were not picked. (Also make sure you have a pop filter, so it doesn’t sound like you’re blowing air into the microphone.)

      1. 2. Put effort!: Put Effort into the voices, but as a director I must help you deliver the way the characters should sound, discord would be a good place to talk over to help you. 

      1. 3. Respond..: You must respond, If you’re absent for too long like a month, don’t be surprised If I look for a replacement.

      1. 4. Get to know: Get to know the other actors, because It’s better if you could hear the other characters voice, it would be better if everyone tried to practice over discord together. It might sound better if everyone understood more about the other characters and voices.

      1. 5. It's a surprise: I really want this to be a surprise, so no leaks or anything, I really hate that. Ask me if you want to say anything to anyone. It’s a private project until later.

      2. 6. Be loud with voice acting: If you're not loud enough, I will have to make you redo the lines. When you're too quiet, you can not make it louder with an editor because it would make it sound weird, you will hear background sound and it will sound bad. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold