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About Animal Fighter Manga Dub: Remaining Characters to be Auditioned.

NOTE: There was empty slots for the roles in the previous casting call, so I made this one for people who want to audition for characters that haven't been auditioned yet. Please audition for them if you can, as I am starting the manga very soon.

This casting call is for a project I'm currently working on called Animal Fighter.

Year of Production: Late 2016

So, what is this Animal Fighter you speak of?
Animal Fighter is an upcoming manga/anime I'm working on over the summer. I will also be making a manga dub when all necessary pages are published.

Oh! That's cool! What's the plot?
The story of this series focuses on a young rabbit named Xeta, who one day wishes to become the world's strongest animal fighter. In the first arc, these characters go to fighting school where they learn how to fight and train to become Animal Fighters to protect the world, should it ever go under crisis by a possible threat. Xeta, being pumped up as he is, applies and attend said school, followed by his close friend, Tempo. Throughout the first arc, the students learn basic steps of fighting, as well as learning how to tap into their hidden powers called Bunko, which are special powers each fighter grasp. (For example: Later in the first arc, Xeta learns a bunko called Janjingon(JAN-JIN- GON), a bunko that accompanies Xeta with attacks based off his energy. Think of Bunkos as Quirks from My Hero Academia.) After training is done and each student got used to the basics, all students have to take part of a tournament exam, which is required to graduate fighting school. Xeta is one, if not, the weakest student in the school and is classified as an underdog by his classmates at the beginning of the arc, but as the series progresses, he gets stronger and learn new things. The second arc consist of Xeta and Co. fighting against the Hornet clan, a group of terrorists who's sole purpose is to follow commands of their queen, Hornetta. Hornetta's goal is to wipe out the entire planet she deems "ugly", and construct a new one with her set of rules and ideals. It is up to Xeta and his friends to stop Hornetta's insane plan and put her and the Hornet clan down for good.

PURE AWESOME!! I want in! But... are there any requirements?
Of course! The requirements are the following...

-A good mic with no background noise. If you're a voice actor or actress, you don't wanna accidentally record lines with any background noise. Audio that's clean is crucial!

-You must have a Discord or Skype. It's easier for me and the group to talk about any ideas for the comic/anime, not to mention it's more easier to send me voice over work. I will be making a Discord and possibly even a Skype server called SkySoft Productions. The server in question is where the project takes place. 

-Be considerate of others and work together. We don't want any conflict happening in the group, so be nice!  This is huge project we're talking, so we're in this together! :D

-And the most important requirement to keep in mind is to... have fun! This is my first time handling a series like this, so it is expected that we have a good time with the series throughout. ^^

Got it! This shouldn't be so hard. Is there any other things this project needs? Like jobs or something?
Yes actually, but only of the animated series. I only need animators, storyboarders, additional script writers and people that are good with making music(Optional). If you're skilled in any of those fields mentioned or skilled at all of them, don't be afraid to contact me. Any help is extra appreciated.

Understood. Oh! I forgot to ask, how long is this project anyway?
Animal Fighter is expected to have only 2 seasons in each installment, complete with at least 13 episodes a pop. The time length for each episode is 30 minutes at best with intermissions too. It'll most likely change however if the work load is too much. As far as the manga, 6-7 chapters? I'm still trying to figure that out. ^^; Both are expected to be completed before next summer.

Coolio... Anything else?
Nope. Well, other than the fact that everything is free of charge, I think that's all there is to it.

If you have any other questions about the project, I'll make sure to answer them. Have fun!

About the Creator: AnimeDude241

I'm just your average guy who does sprite animation, traditional animation, and art. Not that good of a voice actor, but I'd love to try it out sometime when I get a mic of some sort. ^^


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold