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Outer Space Kitty's Previously Completed Works

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    About Always Human | CometCatch Studios | Comic Dub {Season One}

    Welcome to the future sci-fi world where collage still exists and VR worlds are more helpful than ever! Sunati (Played by me, OuterSpaceKitty2.0) has always admired this one girl that never changes. She doesn't use mods, something to reprogram your body, and looks natural. She beautiful. What will happen when these two girl finally meet? What is this natural girl really hiding...

    What exactly is this project?
    It is a comic dub of the online comic on Webtoon, Always Human by walkingnorth (Ari).

    What should I know about this on a different level?
    A few different things will be clarified.
    1. 1. The VA who will play Austen does have a bit of such that she has to speak in Spanish, along with swearing in Spanish in a few parts.
    2. 2. These roles are ONLY for the first season, the other roles are small extra/minor roles which will be in a separate Casting Call in time. So if you REALLY want to be in this than keep posted and see when your time might come!
    3. 3. I will keep this open for about a month, an extra month if needed. So you have plenty of time to audition.
    4. 4. There are Two Seasons in the series. This is merely main and a few minor roles for the first season. Again, another casting call will be release for extras and if any minors pop up including the first and second season.
    5. 5. There are a few dirty jokes and dark subjects that show up in this series. So be warned if you do not feel comfortable with these kinds of subjects or future lines.
    1. 1. Once you have signed up for the project and I have cast/accepted you, you must stick with the series until it is finished.
    2. 2. You cannot reveal any of the information to anybody who is not within the team of CometCatch Studios, of this project. It is illegal.
    3. 3. To talk to each other, we're going to be using Discord. Please have a discord account.
    4. 4. Please no trolls.
    5. 5. Respect others and their auditions.
    6. 6. When auditioning, please make sure to have no background noise and a decent mic.
    7. 7. You will NOT be paid for this project. This is purely for fun!
    8. 8. Once you audition you are agreeing to all of these rules and are expected to follow them.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold