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    About Alone Together (Original Animated Series) #2

    First off, thank you for visiting this project! Hopefully, you would guys enjoy what you'll see here!


    [Concept Art/Visual]

    Alone Together is an original YouTube animated series that we've been working on for these past months! We have big production team which includes artists, animators, and more! We're also working on its "Pilot episode" right now and we need more people to help us. Although for now, we don't have many characters in the show but in the future, there will be more so keep an eye on this project!

    Basically, the plot is all about these twin sisters named Emma and Anna who are trapped inside of a dome around a forest that is controlled by a mysterious evil power. With the help of their new companions, Kenny and Max; they need to find a way to find and defeat that evil power in order to escape the dome.

    This casting is MAINLY for other roles besides voice acting!


    1. All of these are made FOR FUN! So just enjoy when it comes to casting calls! No money is involved.

    2. Please repeat the same lines although each line should sound different from each other. (Example: "HEY!" with an exaggerated tone; "Hey..." with a shy tone; depending on the action given of course)

    3. Please make sure that you're a good voice actor/actress!

    4. Make sure that your microphone quality is good (doesn't have to be crazily amazing) so that your voice would be understandable.


    1. You will start voicing your character for us but PLEASE read the actions of your character so you would know how to sound like during that scene and to understand what's happening.

    2. Please be respectful towards the creator (a.k.a me). We're very busy when it comes to this project.

    3. Please contact me ASAP, especially if I already need your lines!


    Q: Will this become a fully developed series?

    A: Well, that depends! If the pilot episode gets a hit and the people love it, then we WILL make it into a full series no matter what! :>

    Q: When will the pilot be done?

    A: Well, it's been almost a year since we started this production, so... maybe around 2019?

    Q: How come some of the characters from the last casting call are not part of the cast here?

    A: Because they already have voice actors!

    Q: Will there be more characters?

    A: Yes but in Season 1 there wouldn't be that much. But if we make it into Season 2 then there will be definitely more new characters!

    Q: How big is the production team?

    A: Around 30-35 artists!

    Q: Where will this be uploaded?

    A: On our YouTube channel! It could be found here: Alone Together - YouTube Channel (although there aren't any content yet at the moment)

    That's all for now! We'll keep you updated as soon as possible! :>

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold