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Vernaxis's Previously Completed Works

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    About Abridged Series Impressions/Impersonations

    Here is a preview of the first episode for the series! So yeah, that's a thing...

    Hello everyone. I thought that since I do enjoy contests and I do so love abridged series, that I would host a tournament to see who on Casting Call Club is the most capable abridged voice actor/actress. This means that I want to see style, flair, and- NO! GOD, I do not want to have a look at your Kuribohs thank you very much. But I do want to see everyone having lots of fun with these! So with that out of the way, time to explain the rules.

    For your audition, start by saying who it is you'll be immitating and from what abridged series they are from. From there, you may either give a monologue, a two-way conversation, or if you want to get REALLY freaky (in a good way) then start going on an improv spree with as many characters as you want! (although if you do this they must all be from the same series.) Audio quality does count towards how well your audition will be recieved and so will how close it is to the real deal (although just remember you're not batman, and never will be). Bonus points for doing a character that not everyone else is doing and how unique their voice is!

    There will be three rounds for contestants to participate in. Each round you must pick a different character(s) to immitate. ERGO, NO DUPLICATE ENTRIES. YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND I WILL RAIN FIRE DOWN ON YOU FOR ALL OF ETERNITY IF I SEE YOU UPLOADED THE SAME AUDITION FOR MULTIPLE ROUNDS! YOU IDIOT! YOU IMBASIL! YOU POO-POO HEAD!

    So anyway, that's pretty much it. To sumarize:
    State the name of the character(s) and what abridged series they're from (and who it's by).
    Give your monologue/conversation/improv and make me giggle.
    Upload that sexy audio clip to this page - but only for one round.
    Next round do a different voice and make it even better.

    Remember, bonus points for unique characters with unique voices.

    Finally, prizes.

    I'm not going to promise you a month of free membership or anything tangible. However, since I am in the process of getting my own Abridged series together, here is what I've decided to award the winners, should they wish to have something other than bragging rights.

    First Prize
    will get the opportunity to fully voice a minor character from the Accel World series in the Accel World Abridged Series I am creating. If you're a male, you will get to play Ash Roller, and if you're a Female, you'll get to play Kakei Mihaya. If you don't want to play the character, then second place will get it. If they don't want it, then third place will get it, and if they don't want it... well then damn I guess no one wants to be in an abridged series.

    Second prize
    will get to make a cameo appearance as the character they won as in a single episode of the series. Yes, that means I'll be taking whatever character you won as and putting them along with your voice into an episode. If you don't want it then it goes to third prize.

    Third prize
    will get to play as an extra in a single episode of the series. Depending on how things go you may be able to even get a monologue with one of the characters. Fun. If you don't want that, then fuck off and stop being so damn picky.

    About the Creator: vernaxis

    I'm a self-made entertainer, performer, comedian, entrepreneur, and a trained mixing DJ. I'm available for any type of gig, paid or not, and can't wait to bring life to whatever characters I'm cast as!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold