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    About A very Monmusu Halloween (Monster Musume One Shot

    Obvious things are obvious, I have no time to really start a new abridged series, I'm filled up with everything, but I do have time for a 2-episode series, where the first episode will hopefully be released on Halloween and the second either on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The anime we'll be doing a parody of is called "Monster Musume." It's something, it's definitely quite something. I wanted to do something different than I have done, for the first episode, I'll be taking episodes 1 - 6, and use at least one episode for one scene in this little parody series of 2 episodes, probably will be split into different parts.

    The script for episode 1 on Google docs is 14 pages, that's a lot of editing for me, so I'll need a long while to focus on just editing, this is where I need the cooperation of everyone in the cast, otherwise, the project will be released off, fairly late, or in lower quality than expected.

    A fair warning before I create this project, though, and you go on to audition, the anime itself is shown to be very inappropriate, and this project will be, as well, but with a lot more swearing. Each character has a character description based on the project's script. So be sure to read those, I guess.

    What I simply want for the project are...
    -Voices that can show emotion.
    -People who can stay dedicated to a deadline.
    -Good quality microphones. (Doesn't have to be great. Just good enough.)
    -Be in contact with me, through email and preferably on Skype, so I can get a hold of you, whenever, a lot easier. Add me or email me, after you get casted, before/after auditioning, or just as soon as possible, just be sure to keep in contact with me.
    And those are just basically the basics of my projects I usually have. Now, onwards to the cast!
    (Centorea taken by my friend, SenpaiShipoopi and Papi taken by me. Other characters have not yet been casted.)

    (All the characters in this casting call are all but one, main characters. The odd one out would be the Pupa guy in a spider web-cocoon.)
    For some of these characters, I don't even know how I want them to be like, boys and girls, men and women call all audition, just as long as you meet the requirements, you have a chance at being casted for any character. Feel free to do your own take on the character voices.

    (Note for CCC: for some reason, I can't insert the picture/snapshots I took to show how the character looks. Apologies!)

    About the Creator: kojie2u

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold