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    About A Taste of DEATH ~Crew~ CASTING CALL

    Hello everyone! I'm back with a second casting call for A Taste Of DEATH. All the info about the series and whatever else is on the MAIN casting call. You can find it on my profile C:

    This time this casting call is for crew members. I only have 2 roles on here at the moment, but I might be adding more so stay tuned for that.


    ~So first on our list is to get an animator. The art style of the animation doesn't really matter, although we are leaning towards something like a Hilda animation or like this ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3KY2s7ZIIo Even if your style isn't like this, we at least want  the animation to have clean transitions and your style to be a reasonable one. This show is kind of dark and whimsical. Well it takes place in the UNDERWORLD...so hopefully that helps you think of some styles. Anyways, when animating you should be able to take direction from US (Me and the director) and also from the script. We're trying to work on the script so it's easy for the animator to  read off of and use to create certain scenes and what-not. Since it's not always clear how a frame is set up, you should always ask how you should animate something, first, before jumping into it. We'll be sure to help you get a better visual of how the scenes look once you're cast.


    ~For the second role, we'll need a few musicians just in case one person can't do a certain style or someone isn't available. We'll need kind of edgy, whimsical, classical, 8 bit, 80s, stranger things styled music. It should have a creepy vibes sometimes, but also have some up-beat 8 bit music too. Just anything that fits those keywords I mentioned. They don't all have to be mashed into one music piece but you should be able to provide a range of different pieces of your work fitting into a few of those keywords. Give a few music samples that evoke different emotions. C:

    Alrighty ya'll... so requirements if you would like audition

    1. You NEED a discord or email (PLEASE put it in the description of your audition 0-0)

    2: You need to be available for meetings and what-not, but there are exceptions!

    3: This might be a long-term project so you must be patient with us and be dedicated.

    4: This project isn't huge and we're still working everything out so don't think this is a production that's going to be streamed across the world, it's simply just going to be put up on youtube so DON'T panic.

    7: lastly, have lots of fun! 

    (Updates on this casting call will be happening frequently so make sure to check in often so you know what's going on.)

    Here is my discord if you need to contact me about anything C: Amelia#1286


    Join the server: https://discord.gg/FEVpbKN (Not official server that you'll end up in if you get a role....this is another audition "room" to audition and if you have any questions. MAINLY for voice actors but you can join anyways.)

    About the Creator: ameliabedelia

    Hi, I'm Amelia! 

    This is my page where you can find all my auditions and what not. I started voice acting a few years ago and did it for a few months but was nto really serious about it so I didn't really improve. I got drawn away from it and did theatre instead. This year 2020, I got back into voice acting again.

    I actually just got a mic on JUNE 6th 2020! So don't mind all my blah audio from any date before june 6th. I should be posting a demo reel of some kind as soon as possible with my new audio C: 

    Some things I enjoy is:  singing, dancing, directing, filmmaking, and obviously acting.  

     you can often find me making short films with my siblings or attempting to write a story for whatever project....I don't always succeed at finishing one, but when I do I love to edit them and see the finishing product.  I also like to write songs and play the guitar. C:

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold