Casting Call for A Lesson Learned In Time (Mlp Audio Drama)

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    About A Lesson Learned in Time (MLP Audio Drama)

    Hey everypony! Thank you for stopping by. Please check out the video, this is just a quick synopsis and rules.

    Getting right down to it, Synopsis:

    Princess Twilight Sparkle, is dead. Taken too soon, she leaves behind Starry Night, a student much like herself in the past. But can Starry Night handle being left on his own again? Join him as he travels equestria, seeking answers to questions long since forgoten and changing the fate of Equestria forever.

    I know what your thinking, "Changing the fate of Equestria," how original.

    Oh, I'm sure things will play out to everyones liking.

    So, with the quick synopsis out of the way, here are the rules again. They are here for a reason after all.

    Rule 1. Microphone Quality

        Please have a good quality mic. That means little to no static/white noise, no background noise i.e. tele playing, roommates/sibling/parents jabberin back there. I'm not looking for perfection, as i too must deal with the idioms of the backgrounders, so just try your best!

    Rule 2. Don’t just Impersonate, Act!

        Impressions… oh impressions, like i said before, i'm not looking for perfection, more at quality of acting.

    Rule 3. E-mail

        Auditions need to be emailed please and thank you. You can upload them to your YouTube channel, but please send me a copy as well, I’ll be putting contact information in the audition doc down in the description.

    Rule 4. Audition

        You may audition for more than one part, that's fine, actually encouraged. But I will only cast 1 person to 1 roll.

    Rule 5.  Dedication is a Must

        Be dedicated. If you’re cast, please be able to make deadlines and keep in touch and let me know what's up if you may be late with art or recordings, i won't mind if you give a quick heads up as were all doing this for fun and for free.

    Audition Deadline is Febuary 28th, 2017!

    The lines for the open roles are listed below. Have at it! ;)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold