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52 Podcast's Previously Completed Works

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    About 52 Podcast (Season 1)


    My name is Ryan Hoover and I have written the first season of a fictional podcast called the 52 Podcast. I have been writing for years and came up with this idea a couple of years ago and managed to get it all down on paper. This is the first of (hopefully) several seasons, so I would love to have people audition that could potentially come back and reprise roles in the future.

    Story Synopsis:

    Two brothers, Solomon and Nicolae, stumble upon a cult-like gathering and come across a couple of artifacts in the form of ancient playing cards. After avoiding the cult members and some shady government operatives, the brothers begin to notice strange, budding powers that coincide with a visit from a group of people known as the Renaissance. From there, Sol and Nic embark on a journey to tame their new abilities, fight against the evil Enclave, and possibly save our world.

    What I am looking for:

    - Voice actors/actresses able to lend their voice talents for at least one season (with the possibility of more)

    - Voice actors/actresses willing to work for free and/or to add to their portfolio (this is a passion project of mine and I cannot provide compensation and I wanted to be upfront with that)

    - Individuals looking to have fun with an interesting story and dynamic characters

    - Flexibility and patience with those that audition

    If you have questions, please feel free to email me at [redacted].

    About the Creator: 52_podcast

    I am a middle school teacher by day and a weekend/evening creative when I can manage it! I come up with fun ideas for projects all the time and sometimes I am able to pursue their actual creation. My audience is anyone who likes listening to audio dramas and/or fictional audiobooks. My mission is to provide entertainment and relatable characters during a time of heightened anxiety in the world. I hope my work can put a smile on your face!

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