Hello my name's molten77ambush I'm aspiring to become a well known voice actor/Singer and to make friends with people  who enjoy creating projects, I'm willing to try many different thing to a degree. so feel free to add me on discord.  TheMoltenVoice#8993

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About molten77ambush

Voice acting and YouTube is my career choice, I do paying voice work for games, animation, comic dubs, shows ect. My dream is to be apart of a community that makes good content for there followers, and to be semi Popular lol 

Udemy- "Voiceover Masterclass" - 2022


Instructed by Peter Baker

After taking these courses it would believe my understanding of voice acting has helped how I speak and express the emotion in the character.

Udemy- "How to become a Voice Actor" - 2022

How to be a Voice Actor in Video Games in Australia

Instructed by Gemma Laurelle

With this course I learnt how to work with my equipment better than I could before, like my mic and the audio files with in it. making it much easier to make my recordings sound better. 


it really depends on the lines and work you have for me, we can negotiate

What molten77ambush is looking for

I am looking for people who have a passion for making content and treat Voice actors like normal workers, and I would like to voice in various projects, with the desire of making it in the Acting world.

  • @seraphimva

    Honestly, he's just really great! That's all I have to say! He's a great guy!

  • @lincoln-jones

    If you want someone who provides clear & useful feedback, can do a good Alastor impression and has the patience of a saint, this guy's worth auditioning for. I couldn't ask for a more suitable music meister & part-time radio rapscallion.