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About Lincoln Jones

I am a writer from a land Down Under. Hoping to break out into film, television, video games and/or podcasts. 

My main hobbies are reading, writing, horse-riding, and occasionally photography.

Demos & Samples

2020 Demo Reel

These are Joshu lines read from Jojolion.

Der Von Stroheim

You dummkopf! Deutschland science is the greatest in die verld!

  • @providencemg

    A fantastic voice actor and member of the team.
    Incredibly friendly, and respectful it is an honor to work with them.

  • @deleted159352

    Someone named CasVoiceActs. I know well. Really good at Voice Acting!

  • @molten77ambush

    As A fellow Voice actor, I can say with great certainty that he is a great Voice actor who can express great emotion and talent.