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Hadas Rose
alex canine
Austin Wayne
  • Austin Wayne on Feb 20
    Received voice work

    He voiced a character in a radio drama I made. Theuncertainman has a excellent grasp of accents and puts strong energy into his performance.

    I've done a few projects, and as a creator, it's very difficult to find a actor of his quality.
  • Robotsimmer on Mar 18
    Received voice work

    TheUncertainman voiced the role of "Bash' in Minecraft Reign.
    he gets the lines done in time. repeats the lines 3 times, which gives me the option to choose which one fits best!
    he puts his heart and soul into his work! glad to have you on the team!
  • Teacupbiscuits on Mar 18
    Received voice work

    Theuncertainman did a line in one of my audio dramas. He got his line done swiftly, included two different takes, and the quality of the takes were amazing. It was great to have him on the team, and I hope to work with him more in the future!
  • Hadas Rose on Mar 28
    Received voice work

    Tom works with me on the Xenogears: sound and drama fan project as an actor for several characters. He has great acting chops, and understands exactly how to convey the character's emotions and read lines. Furthermore, he always finishes his tasks quickly and efficiently, proving at least two options for his lines. It's a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him as an actor!

  • Enabler on May 10
    Received voice work

    Great guy, easy to work with. I was working on a student project and he offered to help me, we talked through the script, discussing the character I wanted him to play, a detective in a video game. He did a great job while recording really bringing out the character and narration, he provided multiple takes of the lines I gave him in varying degrees of the emotional cue so I could pick the one which best fit the situation and wasn't afraid to share his ideas and insight where he felt it would be an improvement to the game.


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