Noëlle McHenry

A hobbyist author/indie game dev working with primarily RPG Maker and Ren'Py. Also known as Quasi-Detective.

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About Noëlle McHenry

My name is Noëlle McHenry (also known as Quasi-Detective or, formerly, TeacupBiscuits, MeowingGoats, or Sticklover4), and I am a Canadian hobbyist author who has hundreds of characters. Alongside my original stories, I also work on fanfiction, original RPG Maker projects, voice acting roles, and simple Japanese-to-English VOCALOID song translations, complete with stylized YouTube captions.

I have a wiki for my original characters and stories, most of which fall into the same story universe: Project Eclipse. Please note that this wiki contains spoilers for the stories in this series!

If you wish to contact me with a request or offer, it is easiest to do so through e-mail or Twitter. These are the two places I check the most. For most of my hobbies, I will probably work for free if I accept a request.

Contact e-mail: sticklover4 @ gmail . com


Discord: Noëlle McHenry#8310 (message here or e-mail me first! I do not accept unsolicited friend requests!)


Demos & Samples

Noëlle McHenry's VA Demo Reel (July 2017)

I made a new voice acting demo reel with some sample clips of characters that I've done voice work for. Name: Noëlle McHenry E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @Quasi-Detective Skype: meowinggoats Microphone: Blue Microphones Snowball iCE USB Microphone Recording program: Audacity Other audio editing programs I have: Adobe Audition [Start - End] Character Name || Project Title: - [0:00 - 0:18] Phoebe Leonhart || Love Sucks - [0:18 - 0:28] Corporal Emily Baird || Fallout: Chicago Blues - [0:28 - 0:48] Cherry Bomb || Fallout: Chicago Blues - [0:48 - 0:59] April Greenway || Fallout: Chicago Blues - [0:59 - 1:05] Remilia || Touhou Abridged


As I only do this as a hobby, I will generally work for free or for whatever you are able to pay me. I do not have any set rates.

What Noëlle McHenry is looking for

I'll work on projects that interest me. Usually, these will be projects with a good story or an otherwise interesting premise. However, I will probably work on whatever I am asked to work on, though I reserve the right to deny requests.

  • @theuncertainman

    I had a small role in Teacupbiscuits' project and was happy to have worked with her. She's very friendly and approachable. I look forward to working with her again!

  • @thelesserknownandy

    Friendly and great to work with. I would happily work with Teacupbiscuits again in the future!

  • @xanderphillips

    She was great to work with, extremely organised and knew exactly what she wanted. Given the chance I would definitely work with her again. 10/10

  • @mistermisc

    As a director, Teacupbiscuits lets you know exactly what she wants in a timely manner, but she's also open to extending deadlines and allowing changes to the script. Clarity and flexibility: what more is there to ask for from a director?

  • @mistermisc

    As a director, Teacupbiscuits tells you clearly what she wants, but is open to other ideas. What more could you ask for?

  • @elric-timothy-atchison

    As a voice director, Noelle is great to work with, Very organized and knew what she actually wanted. Providing me the chance, I would like to work with her again.

  • @paulmcbambi

    Working with Noëlle was a pleasure. Very quick and friendly communication and feedback, professional script and flexible/open for changes and improvisation.
    I will definitly keep an eye out for more of her projects.

  • @cailiosa

    She's an awesome director and director. Her stories are so well written and original! She will give you clear indications of what she wants. She is, without a doubt, a leader and an artist.