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My name is Sparkly or Dawn. And I live under a rock. Literally

Who are you?

I am a student who aspires to be a voice actress. I have many hobbies such as filming, writing, and photography. I can be a bit shy at times but eventually I can warm up to you if given the chance. I am a very kind and caring person, whether I know you or not! 

What’re you working on?

I, myself am a director and I do own a youtube channel. At the moment, I am working on a production called “Ceragon Dubs.” Currently, we are fandubbing Wizardess Heart, The Arcana, Lost Alice, Destiny Ninja 2, Blood In Roses, Mystic Messenger, and SubZero. I will also be making my own games. 

How long have you voice acted for? Why did you do it?

I have been voice acting since 2014, however there have been huge pauses in between. I first auditioned for a casting call, and it just felt right to me. Ever since then i’ve been voice acting, but then again there were HUGE breaks(I often took a break from youtube for awhile, 2 years later sometime in 2016 i came back, and well I also found CCC during that time). So, i’d say i’ve been voice acting for maybe a year now (Without any breaks) 

What kind of projects are you interested in? 

Anything, really. Whatever part i get I will always be super grateful for. Because to me, having a role is a privilege at times. But to be honest, i’ve always liked anime. So i’d most definitely be interested in something regarding anime, lol. 

And that’s it for now! Also, if you need people to audition for your casting call feel free to let me know! I’m always up for being a helping hand! I may not be the best, but hey, i’m striving to be! 

Ceragon Dubs Instagram:



Behind The Scenes:

The Unknown Flame - Writer

Minecraft Legacies - Writer

Camp Kanial - Writer, Skin Editor

Parts Of A Whole Me - Editor

Escaping Reality - Writer

Kawaii High - Writer

Waterside Road - Skin Editor

Back Again - Skin Editor, Writer

Secrets Unlock - Skin Editor

F*cking Hell - Skin Editor

Mei Studios - Skin Editor, Writer, VA

Light Of A Guardian - Skin Editor

Ceragon Dubs - Editor

Master Of Eternity - Game Recorder/Script Writer

Voice Acting:


VictoriaHannah97 // Modeling Rival(Top 7 Finalist) as Jackie O’Connel

Horse Crazy // Chasing Days as Destiny

Lost Girl // Elemental Reign 1.0 as Venus Understudy(Ep 1), and Meisa Understudy

Fairytalefanatic101 // The Rangers as Princess Ariana and Falasha(Understudy)

Kira Husky Wolf // Warrior Pups as Max and Chloe

The Frost Filly // Unnamed Project as Extra

breyerhorse_crazii - Broken as Extra

Lps SkittleBomb // Blinded By The Light 1.0 as Juniper Baxter and Kaitlyn Davis

LpsSundaeShop // Unnamed Project as Nathan, Audrey, and Nichole

DB Productionz // Dark Paradise as Fury, Kipper, and Dixie

HorseInCamo Camo // Destiny as Nilah Everdale Ratchet, and Scarlett

Golden Rose Stables Studios // Illusion as Acantha and Blair

Vintage Clock Breyers // Saved By The Eagle as Hwin, Arion, and Onyx

LPS Paradise Productions // LPS L.I.E.S as Unknown

Poppy Dawn // Fallen as Darkstorm

Cookie Stables // Time Will Tell as Bullet Proof, Phoenix, and Heartbreaker

xXIvyStormXx // LPS: Sunset High as Violet

Fairytalefanatic101 // Dealer as Autumn

Fairytalefanatic101 // The Copper Coffee Shop as Hayden and Classi

Plastic Pony Productions // Conflict as unrevealed character

Fina The Stargazer // Seekers S2 as Aros

Fairytalefanatic101 // Blue Blood as Princess Ariana

Lost Girl // Elemental Reign as Cassima, Ambrosia, Older Camille, and Narrator

Gallop Around The World // Crazed as Falco and Alpine

Forever_.Dixie // Reckless as Atasham

Breyerhorselover8916 // The Dead End as Pharo

Hazel_Horse // 24 Hours as Henna

ThePurplePonyBreyer  // Sfumato as Teresa

•Equine_Breyer• // Dragons Blood as King Xavior and Zane

Lps Sweetiekitty // Unnamed Project as Strawberry

theWildHorse // For Ever as Ghostfire

CHAOS_KRYSTAL // Eye Of The Dead Season 1 as Sticks

Lost Girl // Way Of Hearts as Roxy

•Equine_Breyer• // Escape as Aria

Breyer Art Studios // Forgotten Warriors 1.0 as Lacey

LivyHorseLover // Broken as Jack

Fina The Stargazer // The Living Nightmare as Lily’s Mother

Reddy Studios // Confines 1.0 as Tamakee and Yuli

Poppy Dawn // Lost as Unknown

Frostedbliss // Ethereal as Odair

Breyer Moon  // Golden as Queen Victoria, Rain, and Henry

BreyerWolf123 // W O L V E S as Markus and Cosmic

Cookie Stables // Assassin Roommate as Kevin

MoonBlossom25 // The Single Soldier as Unnamed MC

Oakhill Stables // The Moon Rises as Darkstar

Myndra // Traitor's Heart as Silas Compton(Ep 3)

Fina The Stargazer // Be Thankful as Lucas

Powergamer007 // Eternity as Narrator

Addzy // The Fire Before as Anna

Horse Crazy // Búnók as Sidca Denkiere

Breyer Art Studios // Forgotten Warriors as Tanner

Icy Crystals // Memories as Skylar

Ice_Wonderproductions // Courage as Annika, Aladar, and Javel

Spark Productions // Christmas as Midnight and Sticks

Lost Girl // Elemental Reign Episode 0 as Narrator

StevenYTGaming // Tempest Warrior as Queen Ingrid

Spark Productions // The Adventures Of Sargent Laser And Robocon as Boss

Icy Crystals // The Demon Warriors as Narrator

EpicElla // Minecraft RP as Charity Understudy

Ceragon Dubs // Wizardess Heart Meet The Cast as Myself and Icy Crystals

MoonBlossom25 // Katana as Guard Tessa and Rambi

StormYt_ // Camp Kanial as Rima

DarkAngelYT // Wait For Me as Kara King

Ceragon Dubs // The Arcana - Ceragon Dubs as Fortune Teller, Guard, and Servants

Ceragon Dubs // New Friends Of Amelia as Icy Crystals

Mylae // Love Angels as Juliet

Ebbie // Nituna as Lilac Aarav

DreamWingz // Vamlof High 2.0 as Savannah

AwkwardAlexa // Escaping Reality as Brenda Pines

Speeddemon1939 // Smash Games Ep 11 as Shonta

Addzy // Ignited Hate as Midnight

Youngstar // Sonic Boom Abridged as Knuckles and Tails

Robotsimmer // Minecraft Reign as Stone Queen and Advisor

Valkyrie Daerona // Ice Spring as Princess Nerissa

Lunar Bird  // T E S T as Abby

Idunno // The Seven Souls as Sarcasm

Knightmaddie // Royals as Queen Astra

Mysterial Animations // Witchcraft as Kalina

mayceegirl13 // Brats as Princess Queen

Neon_Light1 // Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dubbing as Tikki

Rexphter // F*cking Hell as Dabria

Ebbie // Nituna as Lilac Aarav

Voice Acting:

2016 - Current (In Progress):

Mylae // Minecraft Legacies as Evelyn and Ana

HappyFaceGamingYT // Waterside Road as Kat

Pippyman85 // Thrones as Sierra

Ceragon Dubs // Wizardess Heart as Icy Crystals/MC, Winged Rabbit 3, and Extras  

AbbeyDaBunny // Eledora as Alexa

Red_Ren // Rem Zero as Kristine

sssmsjsr // Parts Of A Whole Me as Celeste Understudy, FBI Woman, and Extras

Xadinazor // Master Of Eternity (Fandub) as Labi & Cassie

BlueEcho // Prodigal Angel as Martha

Ceragon Dubs // SubZero Fandub as Mai

Dawn Melody & Ice Wonderproductions // Only Nothing as Anzayla Harith

ShortyHelena // Stone Of Life Origins as Townsperson

ShortyHelena // Stone Of Life Season 4 as Eda

ShortyHelena // Absinthe's Wrath as Gwyneth

Am I Not Merciful? // Insignia as Majesty Assiri and Trav DeScuro (Understudy)

And here is a playlist of things my voice was featured in


"You were great! I’m not really sure how to write a review but I loved your voice for Dixie and your dark tones! But you can also switch to different tones easily :)"

- DB Productionz, Director of "Dark Paradise"

"I thought you did great and I feel really bad for having you as a mom lol"

- AwkwardAlexa, Director of  "Escaping Reality"

"Sparkly is a very trustworthy Voice Actor when it comes to getting her lines in! She always gets them in early or on time! She is also very talented and whenever i need her for other roles she helps without question! And i never have had to tell her to re-do them she always hits them right on the mark the first time!"

- AbbeyDaBunny, Director of "Eledora"

“I would highly recommend this person because she does a very good guy voice and she always tries to do more than you asked when it comes to her acting. She does a lot of voice accents including Scottish, Irish and British and she's very versatile with her tones and moods.”

- Lost Girl, Director of “Elemental Reign”

“She gives you great emotion and gives multiple takes which make it easier to choose from”

- Red_Ren, Director of  “Rem Zero”

    Casting Calls and Auditons

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