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Voice Actor
Music Composer
Audio Engineer
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    Spanish (limited)
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    Young Adult
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    New York
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If you make the choice to add me to your team of voice actors, you can expect one thing: consistent quality. I've been trained by a vocal coach for jazz performance, and much of that experience carries over into voice acting very well. I have charisma, passion, and energy, along with skill in group environments. I give every project my all. I’m learning new things every day, and I take direction well.

As a result of my experience with voice acting, I have become more creative, and my self-esteem is very strong. I've been thankful to appear on YouTube in many videos by up-and-coming directors. I also have skill with leadership, and take pride in assisting directors with organizing their projects to make them the best they can be.

I can't wait to use all of these skills to make your project one of the greatest and most memorable of its kind.


My pricing is very flexible and always negotiable. I have been known to work for free, and in many cases, I've completed entire projects without receiving a single cent. However, if pay is available, we can discuss rates upon your contact.



Aamebell - Role of Lyon in Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones Fandub
Optipersona - Role of Chaplain Veritas and Extra in Tales from the Gamerverse*
Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger - Video Personality for Pixelbay*
Empish - Role of Vince in It Ends With Graduation
whiterose-crimson - Role of Laurent in Fire Emblem: Awakening Fandub
GuitArchon - Role of Tang Sanzang in Fate: Finality*

dougo - Role of Ren Amamiya and Sojiro Sakura in Persona 5 Abridged
Cauc-asian - Role of Interdimensional Prince in Monster Prom Fandub

AlibiZ - Role of Okabe Rintaro in Steins;Gate Game Fandub
TricolorStar - Role of Spirit Guard Udyr for Skin+*


TricolorStar - Director and Writer for Skin+*
Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger - Writer for Pixelbay*

An asterisk (*) denotes work as completed successfully.


Casting Calls and Auditons

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