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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

I'm 22 and have been acting in general since 2009 because it was my passion, but started fan dubs online just for fun in 2012. Now it's most of what I do in my own free time. I've mainly worked on my own various projects using only myself and close friends if needed, but now that I want my content to be higher quality I'm branching out to these areas.

Typically, all projects headed by me here are a one man team except for the actors I cast, with my providing "directing" if you call it that, script writing, mixing, etc. (For better or much worse.) After production on the below entries in the Iwatobi Swim Dub project are over, I'm probably going to take a break as a producer because of the overworking leading to severe burnout caused by the extreme deadlines required for them to get done, but I'd love to return again after I've had a decent vacation. (Maybe. I also might just return for the never-ending sequels out of obligation and hide in a cave otherwise. We'll see.)

Projects I have produced with Casting Call Club:

Twitter | Tumblr | Iwatobi Swim Dub Tumblr and Twitter | YouTube


Unfortunately, content I make at the current moment can not pay, and likewise, content I produce at the moment for others likely will go unpaid (to me) for me as well.




"B*tch, please. You've got such a horrible lisp, and your sh*tty fandub is nowhere NEAR the level of the official Funimation dub. You're so cheap, unoriginal and f**king arrogant that you think you could voice ALL the characters? Come on. Either you're f**king delusional, or you're as high as a g*ddamn kite. Free fandubs are 100% pointless, and frankly a waste of time. Get a life and stop being a coward by disabling ratings. No sane person is gonna watch your garbage, when the REAL DUB EXISTS." - Tix Ryugamine, 2018

"Makoto is my favourite character from the series, heck he's my favourite character in anime, and you completely nailed it! I loved your role and your voice and that particular inflection in your voice. It felt so genuine and real. You're amazing at what you do. Honestly. I don't even know you, but I love your voice and your work so much!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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