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 About Krystal Quezada:

I'm Krystal, an 19 year old California based voice actor who specializes in character work! It all started back in middle school whenever I would watch Disney movies or when I would play a few of my favorite video games to try to mimic some voices. I knew at that moment, it is something that I want to be in life, it’s always fun to be in the shoes of a totally different character than me and to see what types of struggles or problems the character goes through and how they push forward. After graduating, I know now even more that this is exactly what I want to do and be, I can’t imagine myself doing any other thing than being a voice behind such wonderful characters. My goal is to go professional and start voicing in games, shows, movies, audiobooks, anime, and etc. The stories that are in cartoons, movies, anime, video games, audiobooks, and etc., is worth to be noticed and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to tell the stories behind them all.

Voice Ranges:

My voice ranges from High to Medium-Low Pitch. As for singing, I am a Mezzo Soprano and Alto. Feel free to message me if you have more questions regarding this topic!

New Demo Reel Is In The Making Currently!

  • - Contact Info -

Twitter: @KrystalQVA

(Email Is On Twitter Bio)

Website: https://krystalquezadava.carrd.co/

Instagram: @KrystalQVA



I’ll only do some projects depending on my interest of them for free, and I am very open when it comes to pricing!

Currently, I am charging around $2.00 per line and/or $0.20 per word. I am also open to work within your budget if need be!


  1. -Voice Work-

Official Original Projects:
House Of Radiance (Animatic Series)  - Husky

Angelic Waves (Visual Novel) - Valerie Moreau

Heartbeats (Visual Novel) - Sayaka

Scout (Audio Drama) - Ivy

Zombies On Your Lawn Animation - Sunflower

Pokémon Sun and Moon Abridged Series - DeWarioFreak 
Roles: Lana

Pokémon Abridges/Shorts - DeWarioFreak
Roles: Bonnie, May, May’s Mom, Cynthia

Persona 4 Manga Dub - Rjm324
Roles: Nanako

Steven Universe Comic Dub - Emmy The Dragoness
Roles: Pearl

Waking up to your Nightmare DFA 2 - GabaLeth
Roles: Daisy

Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls Character Intros - SolStrifeVA
Roles: Kotoko Utsugi

Danganronpa V3 Fandubs - Midoriwaka VO
Roles: Maki Harukawa

Darling In The Franxx Comic Dub (Taste Test) - Vivid Crystals Dub 
Roles: Zero Two

Take Your Revolution - Garbage Day Productions
Roles: Futaba Sakura

The Names Isabelle! | Smash Bros. Comic Dub - ZephyrKid
Roles: Isabelle 

Laid-Back Camp Abridged | A Camping Tutorial - Bold Fish
Roles: Rin

Rap Battle: Shantae vs Shovel Knight - Titanium1208
Roles: Shantae

The Scottish Trainer’s FANART - Gabaleth
Roles: Scottish Trainer & Female Pokémon Trainer

Persona 4 Golden ‘Bridged - The Scent
Roles: Yukiko Amagi 

Looking Cool, Morgana! -Gabaleth
Roles: Morgana


Casting Calls and Auditons