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Hey there! My name is Jared, and I am a Voice Artist based in Canada. I started Voice Acting in 2014, because I LOVE IT... ALSO CUZ IT IS THE ONLY THING I'M GOOD AT.

WARNING extremely lame origin story approaching 

From back when I was a kid, all the way to now, I've seen so many moments and ideas and concepts that gave me a better understanding of everything... Things like the eerie backgrounds from the old Scooby Doo Where Are You? The visceral imagery of Bleach and Berserk, Naruto's whole determination thing, the camaraderie of Usagi and her friends, those creepy villains Courage would face, the cat and mouse game between Light and L, the Journey to Kataang, Steven and his mom, Sophie saving Howl, Mustang nuking the crap out of Lust, the epic: 'Fairy Tail is kicking some other Guild's ass' battlES THERE IS JUST- SO, MUCH, STUFF?! It really taught me the power of inflicting a mood on someone, sometimes it stays with them forever... And I just want to show that to anyone that watches me!

˖✧MiracleWorks✧˖ !

I run a rag tag group of VAs and creators called ˖✧MiracleWorks✧˖ where we dub comics and strive to showcase awesome stories and amazing artists! Find us on YouTube where we are currently dubbing:



I love croonchy foods, I'm a Gingerale addict-bUT NOW COMPLETELY SOBER WOO;  I'm neurotic and I have a social panic disorder Q.Q (I know, weird career path to go on).

And so much more that I don't want to scare you with; check out some cool projects featured on my Website!

Aaaaand don't forget to check me out on Twitter,                  

                     Thanks for stopping by! Maybe we'll work together someday~


AcK I'm very sorry but, I am no longer accepting offers from unpaid projects; however I will still audition for pro-bono projects if they interest me!

Please contact:  [email protected] for audition inquiries~


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"Wow! Amazing work! You're mic quality is great and you're able to portray the wide range of emotions required for Jin! Welcome to the team!" - Carl Abbott

"I'm so glad you're voicing in my series, you bring so much life into the characters you voice, talented you are." - The StormingDragon

"Super! Thanks for getting these in so fast, that will help the animation move along faster :D Your lines sound great as usual." - C Studios
"Thanks so much! These lines are perfect" - midnightdramon11
"You were actually pretty quick, haha. But it was amazing, thanks." - Pineapplecore
"Thank you so much! Cool! I didn't expect it to be so fast!" - Anntenna

"I'm always delighted when someone with your obvious skills and experience takes an interest in our project!" - XanaduDub

"Thanks! You hit right onto what I wanted for the extras" - Blurunstudios

"Thank you so much for your work, it is really good and professional. I'll keep you in mind for future projects." - Zachariah

"That is amazing, thank you so much! Such a fast turnaround as well, that makes life really easy for me." - Ayotunde

Casting Calls and Auditons

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