Exploring a new career path here - let's work together and create some joy!

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About Gabe!

Hello folks! I finally created an account over here after hemming and hawing for a month.

I've dabbled in voicework for a few years now - you can hear me as a stereotypical big voice announcer guy in the Pacific League's Top 20 Plays of the Week videos, and in a more neutral tone as a host on their PA!-Cast podcast. I also have done live baseball play-by-play for the Pacific League, albeit those are rather long.

I also have appeared as the narrator, Toadsworth, and minor roles in the Super Mario Adventures Continued comic dubs...which tracks, as I'm also the writer for the comics.

I'm making a change from my previous career path to pursue voice acting and voiceover work as a vocation. That's why I've set this page up. Looking forward to growing my skills and being a part of the community.

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I'm still feeling out where I sit in the market as a new entrant; I'll coordinate with you on pricing (in CAD) that works for both of us.

What Gabe! is looking for

Right now, I'm looking for both voice-over/narration and character parts.

  • @beth-elle

    Friends, but I've seen his work on other non-CCC projects, and he truly takes the time to not just voice but fully embody each character he acts, adding a lot of depth to each performance. He's always had knack for doing voices for as long as I've known him, both professionally and for fun, and I'm so excited to see what projects he gets involved with here!

  • @komorebi

    It's been an absolute joy to work with Gabe. There's truly not enough good things I can say about him. He is seriously one of the most kindhearted people in the field right now. Constantly giving his all, and showing enthusiasm for everything, regardless of role or position. Needless to say, this is someone who really puts all of his passion into his work. Not only with voice acting, but with his various projects as well. I cannot recommend Gabe enough as a voice actor!

  • @elunoir-unloveable

    Gabe's performances with my project have been highlights, truly. He has a beautiful set of diverse character voices to pull out of his hat, and is a wonderful baritone who was able to provide some sung lines for the project as well. He is highly committed to his roles, and has a quick delivery time. Gabe is a wonderful team-player and I would recommend him to any producer.