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I’ve worked with videogames or played with videogames for
pretty much my entire life! I’ve played a part in testing videogames (oh the horror), designing
characters, working on level design, animation and leading animation teams. I also mod videogames in my spare time as well!  (PC Gamer's 18 Essential Dragon Age ModsPC Gamer's Top 10 Essential Fallout 3 modsBest Fallout: New Vegas Mods) I'm here to learn about acting.

Currently working on my next mod, Brave New World. (In development)

Unreleased Projects I'm cast in:

You Are My Princess by CDawg

Disbanded by Bearpuff4

Letterman: Detention Heroes by CherubRiot

KIMCHI STUDIO - My Senpai is Annoying by voicemoto

Glass Heart by Dawningsun

The Frontier by ActionFighter11

Adventures Across Time by TSWieland

Project Truth by fanficradio

Sim Settlements: Massive Fallout 4 Mod by Khobis

Tailor Tales by Celianna

Legacies by MEI Studios

Legend of Zelda TV Show - ZU Redub by AlexanderT

Walk Down Memory Laine by Skyyeline Dynamics

F-Zero by M John Blair

Training Workshops completed

Fighting Game Workshop by Kira Buckland featuring Edward
Bosco and Xander Mobus

RPG Workshop by Kira Buckland featuring Sean Chiplock

Cold Reading Workshop by Kira Buckland

BYOC Workshop by Kira Buckland

Animation Workshop by Corina Boettger

Animation Workshop by Lisa Biggs

Projects from 2 years ago

Gotham The Untold Story <---

Port in Storm <---

Halo Machinama <---

Dark Side Sims 2 Voice  <---

Sims Shore <---

Her Not So Fabulous Life  <---

Uta No Prince Sama <---

Tessellation <---

Wasted Retreat <---

Luck of the Draw <---

Sanity Circus Comic Dub <---

Reaching You <---

Dynasty  <---

Pick a Life <---

Tokyo Babylon <---

Alice Mare Voiceover <---

Trinity Recast <---

Betrayal Sims 3 <---

School days Project <---

Moonlace <---

End of Spiderman <---

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Doing this for fun and for learning. I'm very flexible with anyone who has budget constraints.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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