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The Friendly Neighbourhood Baritone

Look out Nolan, look out Troy, look out Yuri, look out everybody else (just too many to name, whew!), here comes some guy nobody has ever heard or even heard of, but maybe you will someday!

This fella here was born in 1991 in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and he's residing in the area ever since, he always had a dream to entertain, bring smiles to people's faces, and to act. As a result, he grew up a goofball, a class clown, pulling faces and voices at every chance he got. 

Now a few years back he decided that life is just too short to have a dream and not go for it. He was always told that he had a voice for this, anyway. So, he figured "what the Hell?", he built a studio in his Dad's basement in another town with his own hands, he joined Voices.com, he auditioned his butt off, and... he didn't get hired once, his Dad sold his house, he tore down his studio and put his dream on hold for a year and a half while he tried to find a suitable place to build a studio in his own home!

Not exactly a Cinderella story, but that's life right? Great thing about the horse, even when it bucks you off, it's always there waiting for you to climb back on it, and damn it, this horse will be tamed, and its name will be Stanley! "But Zach, why Stanley?" I hear you cry, well, because Stanley is a great name for a horse. Duh.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I got a suitable apartment and rebuilt my studio. Bigger, stronger, better than the first one!

I found CastingCall.Club while looking for alternatives to Voices.com or Voices123. Thought that it fits my niche a little better, partially because I'm a broke struggling actor, but mostly because it's more character driven rather than commercial. I'd much rather be the voice you hear on a cartoon or video game, than a voice you hear when you see a commercial for oats. Wee, oats.

It's also a community of like-minded people, creators, artists, actors, all trying to either make a name for themselves, start a career, or to enjoy a hobby, to stretch and flex their creative muscles. I see you, you sexy creative body-builders you. 

So, I joined CCC, got to work auditioning that day, and have been lucky enough to land a few roles. Now that's what I'm talking about! Maybe it is a Cinderella story after all! Who knew they made glass slippers in size 12 mens? 

Will this train keep a-rolling? Who knows? But all I know is that I will not stop doing this, it's who I am.

During this journey I found myself, I rediscovered my inner child, I rediscovered the joy of play. At the end of the day, that's what we do as creators, actors, artists. We play.

Is this long winded? I feel like it's long winded. Anyhoo, hopefully you enjoy what this Canuck Jaw Cannon has to offer!

"Believe, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Never stop playing.

Oh, and find me on Discord at ZachWells#6941


Prices negotiable project to project. Please note, my pricing for hobby projects will not be the same for professional projects, but let's talk!

I also request that I receive a link to the finished product when it's all said and done, let's show each other off!


"Detective Conan: Episode One Special Dub"

Vodka, and Shiro Suzuki

Clip One - Clip Four - Full Feature Length Special

"Final Fantasy X FanDub"



"Fallout: The Frontier"

Gladiator, and Ostia NCR Trooper

"Unsuited Podcast"

Commercial/Pre-Show Promo Announcer

"Futurama Audiodrama"

URL, Mr. Panucci, Dick Clark, and Ipgee

"Rot and Rise"


S2:E3 - S2:E4 - S2:E6

"Batman: The Dark Knight (Minecraft Short)"

Bruce Wayne/Batman, Killer Croc, and Commissioner Gordon

"Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen: The Boy of 100 Faces! Comic Dub"

Superman/Clark Kent

"Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse"

Negative Spider-Man/Peter Parker

"Dreams Series: Demons and Dementors"


"Anthologies of Ullord: The Eternity Bargain"
Mot Elsson

"The Purge: Justice"



"Disney Audio Productions: Lilo & Stitch Team Experiment"

Richochet Jones

"Disney Ducktales Reboot Abridged"

Gladstone Gander, and Mrs. Beakly (Manly Voice)

 "Get Active!"

Garth Clifton, Jim Whitedog, and Balthazar Keats

"Voices of the Valley (Stardew Valley VA Mod)"


"Spider-Man Marvel Machinima ⚬ Minecraft"


"Ant-Man Marvel Machinima ⚬ Minecraft"


"Scarlet Spider (Minecraft Series)"

Shocker, and Mysterio





"Aramore High: Freshman Year"



Darius, and Daniel

"A Gamer's Binary Podcast"


"Detective Baby"

Slates, and Rich Flirt

"Rubberhose Animation Series: Percy and the Wand"

Max the Panther

"Futurama: Monkey Sea, Monkey DOOM! (Comic Dub)"

Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer


"A great professional and easy to work with. He was very open to taking direction. He's very driven and a hard worker. I also really liked that he was willing to go above and beyond, to do everything he could, to make sure that everything was the best it could be."

  Dracomies, July 2018

"I would like Zach in even more projects. I really enjoyed his performance."

Ray (Director/Writer), Splash Studios, August 2018

"Mr. Wells is fantastic! Completely exceeded all expectations. Great audio quality, amazing voice work and very professional. "

Jimi S. (Radio Squidworks), November 2018

"Zach's got an amazing voice and knows how to use it. He's also super professional and probably the nicest guy on the internet. I cast him as Superman, turns out he's basically the real thing! I'm hoping to work with him in the future, but if there's any justice in the world, he'll be too busy with big-time projects by the time I ask."

Aaron (StuffedChicken), November 2018

"Zach was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was quick, efficient, professional, and on time with his lines. His communication was on-point, and consistently gave an excellent performance with little to no direction needed. He went above and beyond, providing an unexpected humor to a part that I wasn’t even aware was missing something until hearing his version!"

Melissa Sheldon, March 2019

Casting Calls and Auditons

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