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Yo! I'm SSB Smash! FINALLY on castingcallclub! :D So I'll post some roles and stuff for some people to voice if they feel like it :) Enjoy! :D

To See my YouTube Channel, Copy this link right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAX3Aec8-aNDxo4g_tAUSJA

And to see the CastingCallClub YouTube Channel I made, Copy this link right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCytRpx1E_fIKzKJFg4WAOoQ?guided_help_flow=3

If you would like to get contact with me on discord, I will be happy to chat with you on there! ;)

My Discord: SSB Smash#8977

Or, if you want to contact me in The Official SSB Smash Server on Discord, just go to this link here below the text above! :3

The Server: https://discord.gg/UcSVE9F

I'm also recently holding up some "Dust Levels" Auditions for characters down below! If you want to check that out if you're interested ^^

More Things about me:

Birthday: March 9th, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Pisces (The Fishes, Water Element)
Favorite Subjects in school: Art, English, and Sometimes P.E.
Favorite Animals: Tigers, Cats, Wolves, Foxes, Bunnies, Some Dogs, Red Pandas, Ducks, Swans, Doves, Lions, Cheetahs, Mice (Not Rats), Geckos, etc.
Favorite Languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Russian, and Irish
Favorite Genre of Music: Any Type of music
Favorite Games: UnderTale, FNaF, TattleTail, Worm.is, Bejeweled 2, BaTIM, Baldi's Basics, Doki Doki, Any Type of Bart Bonte Game, etc.
Smash Bros Main: Robin (Or Female Robin) or Mega Man
Favorite UnderTale AUs: UnderFresh, UnderSwap, InkTale, GZTale, DustTale, ErrorTale, UnderFell, AsylumTale, etc.
Favorite Hobbies: Drawing, Animating, Making Movies and Videos


Free is fine with me! Doing this for fun! Call me up for anything at anytime! 😋


Here's My Clients for Other Projects:
Dream a Little Comic Dub By FoxyGalactic
  • Voiced Papyrus

Here are my clients Dust Levels:
Gokatsuku (Voicing Dust and Comic Heaven Sans)
Jross (Voicing Ink Sans)
BlvdCharms (Backup Voicing Ink Sans)
Lonely Knight (Voicing Sans)
ReaperDrop10 (Voicing Night Terror)
RobotDog (Voicing Sarah)
blueberrysans (Voicing Papyrus)
Jason Allport (Voicing Geno and Ganz)
ZinjaTale (Voicing Lust Sans and Flowey)
MarisaThePirateFox (Voicing Chara)
EmmieZ (Voicing Frisk)
Magiseth (Voicing Mel)
Mr. Amazing Gaming (Voicing UnderSwap Sans)
Blazing Fox (Voicing UnderFell Sans)
WolfieInTheHouseOwO (Voicing ttoba Sans)
Soundjip (Music Composer)

Clients for Ask Sans From Glitched Series:

Magiseth (Voicing Sans)

EmmieZ (Voicing Mystery)

MarisaThePirateFox (Voicing ttoba Sans)

Anyone Who Voiced the Askers (Voicing The Askers)

Clients for Other Projects that haven't been worked on yet, but will be worked on:

Clients for Glitched (Still in a Work  in Progress):
SSB Smash/Myself (Voicing SSB)
YoshiDoesGameplay/My Brother (Voicing Ice/Sir.Lweegee)
Lindz (Music Composer)
Magiseth (Voicing Sans)
Blazing Fox (Voicing Papyrus)
Ava Fleischman (Voicing Anti Glitch Chara)
ReaperDrop10 (Voicing Bonnie)
Joenator (Voicing Gaster)
SuperSmashBrother (Voicing SpringTrap)

Clients for Projects that I'm working on currently:

Virus Sans Origins:
Z Mill (Voicing Sans)
EmmieZ (Voicing Alphys)

Clients from past projects I've made in the past (2017-2019):

Night Terror Sans's Transformation:
Kiyora (Voicing Night Terror Sans)
Pasty Le Baker (Voicing Sans)

[MMD x UnderTopia] Sans Goes Savage (Remake)
PolyToad (Voicing Sans Wilde)
MoonaStar123 (Voicing ttoba Hopps)
MarisaThePirateFox (Voicing Betty Bellwether)

[MMD x Diamond Dreams] Night Terror Meets TerrorReflect
Pasty Le Baker (Voicing Both Night Terror Sans and TerrorReflect)

[MMD x Diamond Dreams] Words That Surround Your Sanity
Psychadelicred (Voicing both Sans and Night Terror Sans)
Zevanie (Voicing The Echoes)
mike31795 (Voicing The Echoes)
Pasty Le Baker (Voicing The Echoes)

[MMD x Terrors On End] Night Terror Sans's Transformation
Psychadelicred (Voicing Both Night Terror Sans and Sans)
MoonaStar123 (Voicing Alphys)

Dream A Little Comic Dub [8K Subs Special]
PolyToad and Psychadelicred (Voicing Sans)
Marionette175 (Voicing Papyrus)
MarisaThePirateFox (Voicing Chara)

Zevanie (Voicing The Echoes)

mike31795 (Voicing The Echoes)

Pasty Le Baker (Voicing The Echoes)

GeekySonic (Voicing The Echoes)

A Really BAT Thing For This Comic Dub

Gokatsuku (Voicing Sans)

Evil Massacre Episode 2: Anti Glitch Frenzy

Psychadelicred (Voicing Ghoster Sans)

Dust Levels Episode 0: The AU Book Discovery [Release Date Coming Soon]

Jross (Voicing Ink Sans)

[MMD x Glitched] Sans Meets MirrorManiac (!!!SPOILERS!!!)
ZinjaTale (Voicing Both Sans and MirrorManiac)

[Anti Glitch Tale Comic Dub] Sans's Transformation

Alexzeolite Va (Voicing Sans)


Gokatsuku (Voicing Sans)

Blazing Fox (Voicing Papyrus)

Lindz (Voicing Chara/The Psycho)

Zevanie, Mike31795, GeekySonic, and Fnoof (Voicing The Echoes)

[MMD x Glitched] Sans's Transformation

Blazing Fox (Voicing Sans)

Trypanophobia [An MMD Animation]

Magiseth (Voicing Sans)

Wolfie In The House OwO (Voicing ttoba Sans)


Casting Calls and Auditons

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