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Hey! I'm President Leon! I've come to CCC as an aspiring voice acting hobbyist and for possibly a future occupation! 


Name: Noah T.

Age: 16

Birthdate: 06/20/02

Pronouns: He/They

Vocal range (Voice Acting): Anything in between medium-high and medium-low. Yet the range will vary depending on the vocal qualities.

Vocal Range (Singing): TO BE DETERMINED



My primary inspiration comes from my friends and the time that I spend in drama club. Acting always allows me to express more emotion than I normally would in my daily life. It allows me to sink into another world and become a completely different character, which is why I started auditioning for my school's drama club. After joining the voice acting scene, I realized how hard it would be to do well in this environment. Yet, through meeting more and more people, I've learned numerous techniques that have pushed me farther on my voice acting way, both skill wise and acting wise.


"Acting is practice makes perfect. However, no one can be perfect. If everyone is perfect, then all the voices would be the same. It's the quirks and differences that make every voice actor unique." -President Leon, 02/01/18

 One question I'm always displeased and discouraged to hear is "How do you voice act?", or the statement "I can't voice act, I don't have the talent". Which is nonsense. Everyone can voice act. Regardless of upbringing or past experience. Voice acting, in my and many other opinions, is practice makes perfect. When you start, and have hardly any past experience in acting, you might feel mediocre, bad even. But as you put time and passion into voice acting, and if you have the motivation and intellect to learn from mistakes, you are guaranteed to improve. I went from terrible, to mediocre, to pretty good in the span of several months, because I asked for advice, I asked for critique, I looked to my colleagues for help and in the end- I improved immensely thanks to it.


NOTICE: If you wish to contact me in a method besides CCC messaging, please message me on my discord: Shingisa#3630


I'm willing to discuss payment after lines have been sent in.

My primary form to receive payment is through paypal.


Fandubs/Comic Dubs:

  1. -Alfonse ~:~ Fire Emblem Heroes Official Comics Fandub (Voxridian) 

  2. -Donnel, Stahl ~:~ Fire Emblem Awakening Support Conversations (Redphoenix15) 

  3. -Yuga Aoyama ~:~ BNHA Comic Dubs (Crystal Blitz) 

  4. -Oscar Pine ~:~ RWBY Comic Dubs (Crystal Blitz) (Content: Disbanded)

  5. -Amane Nishiki ~:~ Blaz Blue: Central Fiction FANDUB (Bluestar05) 

  6. -Lúcio Correia dos Santos ~:~ Overwatch Comic Dubs (Sicspoti) 

  7. -Ventus ~:~ Kingdom Heart Union X FANDUB (CrystaLClear)

  8. -Kensuke Hibiki ~:~ Caligula Anime Fandub (BaseNumbers) 

  9. -Ichiryusai Madarame [Young] ~:~ Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU Comic Dubs (Chaos X) 

  10. -Zorome ~:~ Darling in the Franxx FANDUB (Creation Inc.)

  11. -Ouma Kokichi ~:~ Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Fandub Group (teatimeaudio)

  12. - Karma ~:~ Cinderella Phenomenon Dubbed (Cashryn Sins)

  13. - Justin Law ~:~ Soul Eater Manga Dub Round 2 (Jack_Ising)

  14. - Akihiko Sanada ~:~ Blaz Blue: Cross Tag Battle Fandub (RedPhoenix15)

  15. - Red Grass ~:~ The Witch's House With Voices (teach)

  16. - Percy ~:~ Fire Emblem Fates: Heirs of Fate Fandub (Galeforce1228)

Cover Groups

  1. Gakupo Kamui ~:~ Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai Cover (Unknown Creator)

  2. Michael Reynolds ~:~ Gender Swap Hamilton (EndertaleAzzy713)

  3. Martin Dunnstock ~:~ Candy Store Gender Bent (Kissfromtheshadows)

  4. Len Kagamine ~:~ Vocaloid Singing Group (Shizuo)

  5. Len Kagamine ~:~ Vocaloid English Cover Group (Jayjitsu)

  6. Gakupo Kamui (Butler) ~:~ Vocaloid: Bad End Night Series English Cover (dreamerjordi)

Original Content



    Public Note: I have been cast for nearly 60+ roles. This is just a small gathering of all the roles I have that are a part of projects that are still active. My earlier roles have been removed from this list due to projects being: Inactive, no production in content, lazy quality, or I just don't want to show the role. These are all roles I've gathered from late 2017-2018.


    No testimonials as of now.

    Casting Calls and Auditons

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