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About CosmicCosmo

Name: Cosmic Cosmo

Age: 19

Hi, I'm Avalon (Also known as Cosmic Cosmo)
I've been doing theater for 5 years and I'm very passionate about voice acting!

Now Voice This 4 Contest Winner!

Discord: CosmicCosmo#2242

YouTube: Cosmic Cosmo

  • @flousunia

    Genuinely nice person, Great voice work, usually knows what they're able to do. As for the art I've seen from her, it's all pretty damn good.

  • @lilcrispyicyhot

    I think Cosmic Cosmo has a very spectacular voice, she can change so many of her voices I don't even know if it's her because of all the tones she can do with her voice! It is very incredible! She can sound like Steven Universe, Morgana and many other characters even sounding like a boy! I can't do so many voices like her and I wish I was that talented! She is my new best friend and she is very fun to work with! I love her so much and all the hard work she does for my project! I found her very full of energy and always ready to get in work!

  • @oddvoices

    Incredibly easy to work with, knows exactly what they want and is patient. They even enjoy having a bit of creative flair to get ideas from their Voice Actors and grow from that. Would recommend!

  • @lilcrispyicyhot

    She was a fellow voice actor that I had, and I proud I had her. She is easy to work with she has an outstanding voice that is capable of even voicing many female/male characters. I Highly Recommend adding her. She is Simple Incredible

  • @presidentleon

    An incredibly competent director and voice actor to boot. If you need an insanely talented VA to give a life to a character, or a director who really knows what they're doing, I HEAVILY recommend Cosmo. Working for them has been the biggest joy in my career as the way they manage projects is incredibly interesting and unique, keeping the server active every single day of production! Honestly, if you want quality in your project- Cosmo BRINGS the quality!

  • @8edhead

    Avalon is crazy talented as a voice actor and a great director- she's both a super friendly and fun project leader but also very organized and understanding! Her voice acting is incredible too- if you need a boyish voice, cutesy, or child voice there's not a better choice out there! I can't recommend her enough, top notch quality <3

  • @trevzed

    Cosmo already has so much going for her! Not only is her voice ability superb, she also is really good at managing a project! Good deadline placement, good communication, and a good understanding attitude!

  • @dyphinoide

    Cosmo is the sweetest person ever and such an unbelievably naturally talented person.

    Whether its animating, voice acting or running projects of her own, Cosmo is so effortlessly great at seemingly everything she does, the only word I can use to describe her is a prodigy. The fact she won 'Now Voice This 4' is evident of this.

    She is always a delight to talk to, her energy is so fun, dorky and bright that you can't help but be happy around her, she radiates positivity and support without even trying.

    I honestly can't believe someone as talented as her would even audition for anything short of a professional grade project by a big studio, I can't describe how lucky I am to have her on my team.

    It's only a matter of time before she leaves all other voice actors/actresses in the dust with how fast her career will take off when she's discovered, so you'd be foolish to not at least try to have this multi-talented powerhouse of a sweetheart on your team!

  • @paxtonlee

    To start off, let me just say that Cosmo is one of the best directors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She's understanding and willing to work with actors around deadlines if necessary. As long as the actor keeps communication, you'll have a great time working with Cosmo!

    Cosmo is also just as much of a joy to work with as an actor. Funny, but serious enough to get things done when they need done, and VERY skilled to boot. When you're looking for am awesome project to audition for OR an actor to knock your socks off, make sure to come to Cosmo!

  • @imnotjohnny

    Cosmo's a great director. I'm a man of few words, so allow me to list some reasons why.

    1. She's active. She runs a Discord server for her current project, and manages to post daily. From the perspective of someone who uses Discord every day, that speaks numbers.
    2. She's flexible. Good work takes time, and patience is key. It's awesome to find people that understand that.
    3. She treats her craft as professional work. As someone who alternates between pro and non-pro work, it's very nice to work with someone who can blend the best of both.

  • @nerdybird-studios

    I’ve been lucky to have had Cosmo feature in my project, she’s a highly skilled VA with a great range, and I was impressed with the lines she recorded for my project. She also is a fantastic community member, and has a great taste in memes! I’d recommend her for your project too.
    Thanks again, Cosmo!