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About LaytonMontgomery

I can do voices. That's about it.

In all seriousness though, hi! I go by LaytonMontgomery on here, but you can call me Luke if you want. 

My passion for voice acting started off as a love for hearing absurd lines from video game characters. I eventually tried to emulate these and became rather fond of it. The meaning of a work as a whole and character motivation and development have always been the most important things to me in literature and media; furthermore, I will continue to derive meaning and purpose out of my performance for any line I am given, to pay reverence to the original intention and feelings of the character. Or I can do funny haha impressions, that works too.

 I can perform a wide range of voices, but my specialty tends to lean more towards deeper voices for stern heroes or villains, as I've been told I sound like a mix of Travis Willingham and J. Michael Tatum. Additionally, I've landed quite a few roles on this site as Yusuke from Persona 5, so there's that too. I can also do some more off the wall voices, think Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 

Well, that's all I've got to say, I hope you consider me for any project you may have! I will be happy to respond to those who reach out! 

Contact Info  
Discord: LaytonMontgomery#8882
Or feel free to message me on CCC if preferred!

  • @delbellz

    My literal first impression of Layton is wow he sounds like a mix between Travis Willingham and Michael Tatum all-in-one! His voice absolutely blows me away! Not only is he an incredibly talented voice actor, he's super friendly, approachable, easy to get along with with but most importantly gives great advice from his perspective especially to people like me that's still learning to become better vocally as a voice actress and for that I respect the heck out of this guy and we became friends fast! If you are looking for a tough, serious, firm, authoritative, and a determined voice look no further than with Layton. He is such an inspiration not only to me but to his peers as well and he will give it his all in every single role given to him. An absolute delight to work alongside with him! :)

  • @tgvoicea

    Layton is a fantastic talent that puts everything he has into his performance. Consistently, he sets a high expectation and exceeds it, all while maintaining a positive, friendly and approachable attitude. It is rare to find someone so impressively skilled, while being humble and always being eager to improve. I cannot recommend him highly enough and I'm sure any project you put him in will instantly reach the standard you have set for it.

  • @annabellamcalistairproductions

    Layton provided the voice of Lon'qu and Gerome for my fandub of Fire Emblem: Awakening, and although the series unfortunately ended early, the lessons I picked up from working with Layton will not. He was a joy in the server, a figure I could count on for both advice and work, and an aamzing up and coming voice actor. I hope to work with him in the future, and if you want high effort, work ethic, and a good friend? Then cast Layton, you won't regret it.

  • @pat-kerley

    Layton is one hell of a voice actor. I'm not sure I can put into words what makes him entertaining to listen to, he has such a smooth voice which is a joy to one's ears. The delivery he gives for Yusuke in the Persona 5 comic dubs is just so very good. I had so much fun putting his voice over the comics and he captures the role excellently and brings the pages to life! You can hear the heart and soul in his voice acting and is super easy to get along with. I can not recommend Layton highly enough. If this man auditions for your project, grab him. You won't be disappointed.

  • @sleightlyoff

    LaytonMontgomery's unique timbre makes him a superb candidate for directors looking for a deep, resonant, and/or powerful voice. Beyond this, his acting skills and ability to adapt to vocal direction are awe-inspiring; it is no exaggeration to say I still see his skills and passion improving every audition, every project, every day. Luke shows timeliness in submitting lines, humility in taking direction, and discipline in seeking to improve himself where others might rest on their laurels. All in all, professional skill meets professionalism in LaytonMontgomery.

  • @villainousmercy

    I cannot recommend this voice actor enough! Luke has been nothing but a phenomenal voice actor and friend ever since I met him. We grew as voice actors alongside each other, and I am so happy to see how much he has improved! He really excels at low-voiced male characters, and he brings so much life to the characters that he plays. He has assisted me with learning new voice acting techniques and how to have a better recording environment, and I'm super thankful with the amount of advice that he has given me! I have worked with Luke in so many projects, and I'm beyond thrilled to get to chance to work with him in the future!