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About TGVoiceA

Hey, I'm TGVoice. I'm an Irish amateur voice actor and video game developer looking to work in some projects. I'm a big fan of anime, games, the same stuff that we all come here for. I'm always eager to do some work so if you've liked my voice before and would like me to voice something for you, just shoot me a message.


Twitter: @TGVoiceA
Youtube: TGVoice

  • @delbellz

    TGVoice is absolutely an incredible human being! When I first came across his voicework, it was for an Attack on Titan project we were both casted for and unfortunately it got cancelled however it didn't stop us from getting in contact with each other in being able to see his full potential in so many ways based off of his auditions and the roles he has voiced for. I'm very impressed with his mutiple voices he has used ranging from serious, stoic, determined, authoritive, and villanuous roles and he was able to demonstrate each and everyone of them. It's absolutely mind-blowing how incredibly gifted he is as an actor. He always strives to improve and hone in on his skills each day and he gives very well-detailed advice especially in the technical side of things and that's why I have mad respect for this guy! I'm so blessed to have him as my friend and for being able to be in some pretty cool projects together already. I know TGVoice will go very far in his voiceover endeavors and he will do what it takes to give it his all in any project you hire him for! A real pleasure to work with and hope to continue working alongside with! Keep up the amazing work my friend!

  • @nickvvoice

    As professional as it gets! To add to that, he was there to help every step of the way. The additional resources he provided for newer voice talent was truly exceptional.