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About kelseyva

My name is Kelsey! 

I'm a voice actress in my free time and my past experiences are mostly with animation. I've worked with several game designers and animators and I have a tiny following of people who support my work. I love acting, voice work, singing, and really anything else I can help with! I get very involved with my projects. Every project I take on becomes my #1 priority and I love promoting. I am good with events and people, and I don't mind traveling for work.  My voice is clear and on the higher range. I can't go extremely low, but I do have a wide vocal range.

Aside from voice acting, I love video games, cartoons, table top games, and art. I'm a very creative person and I adore painting, drawing, and virtually any craft. I'm a sort of 'Jack of all trades' kind of girl. I am also very interested in medical science and biology. I live with MS  though you'd never guess it! I have two adorable cats and I work quite a lot. I love it!

I love involved projects! Ongoing podcasts, YouTube series, cartoons, video games. I don't take on small commissions any more. I prefer to work on large or long term projects. I also love physical acting, and it is something I have yet to have an opportunity to work on. Depending on the projects I may do it pro bono, however I usually work on paid projects and prices are negotiable. 

I hope you enjoyed my profile and what my talent has to offer! I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Kaprika voiced the main protagonist in one of my stories. She got the character spot on. Fast delivery of lines and good audio quality.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Kelsey is one of the sweetest human beings I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She always brings the goods when turning in her lines and every take is a good one. Even when she was experiencing technical issues with her computer, she worked with me to arrange a solution in order to get her lines in on time. Pleasant and VERY nice on the ears with a warm vocal tone, she's your gal. Good luck with your brand new mic, Kelsey!