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About cawchampionsleague

Hi. I'm Eddie. I'm getting into voice acting, but I'm nervous about it, so go easy on me.

I'm the main man behind the CAW Champions League, basically a machinima that uses wrestling video games. 

Looking to get into voice acting, particularly narration, but will try almost anything. 

  • @cybercityalex808

    Very easy to work with, polite and genuine with a passion for his project. Have been very happy work with cawchampionsleague and hopefully will be able to work more on this project.

  • @jess-mcdonald

    I've worked for Eddie on his CCL project since February when he had a casting call for a ring announcer and my first role as a voice actor. Since then, he's been great to communicate and collaborate with as a client when it comes to questions and getting answers promptly concerning the script and how the lines are delivered. His passion is well reflected in his project and it makes the whole process better for it. I look forward to each time I get a script and adding certain nuances to each of the ring introductions. :)

  • @stephylang97

    Eddie is such a wonderful person to work for! He gave me one of my first VA roles in his CCL project as the powerhouse personality, Meredith Clark. This role and Lara Croft (which he casted me as later) have given me so many opportunities to grow as a voice actor and dive into characters that are unlike myself, yet I admire a lot. Eddie’s very easy to communicate with whether it’s about questions, feedback, or scripts. He’s also incredibly kind and his passion for CCL is really inspiring. Being a part of his CCL project has been a joy and a privilege!

  • @deleted399329

    Not only did I provide work for him, both voice, and other kinds.. He's one of my dearest friends in this hobby that we share. He's flexible for his deadlines, and overall, a cool guy to talk to if you just need to talk.