Ryan || jxstpeachy

Ryan || jxstpeachy

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Hi, I'm Ryan :) I direct Starshine Studios, and I voice act in several projects! My range is G2-G#6. i am an adult istg CHILDREN STOP MAKING HAZBIN DUBS

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About Ryan || jxstpeachy

Hi! I'm Ryan (he/him). I'm an 18 year old singer and voice actor!
I'm transmasc and an alto/tenor who can comfortably sing soprano and baritone as well.
I voice act in projects for fandoms like: Project Sekai, Your Turn to Die, MILGRAM, OMORI, Danganronpa, and musicals. If you happen to see something you like on my profile, feel free to dm me here, email me at [redacted] , or dm me on discord at jxstpeachy_ for projects.

My main goal is to become a stronger voice actor and become a name that people recognize.

What Ryan || jxstpeachy is looking for

I enjoy doing certain fandubs (ex. Project Sekai, Your Turn to Die, OMORI), and I love musicals and cover groups! Singing is my main interest, but voice acting is also very important to me.

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    i managed them and they were cool :]

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    I have been in multiple projects with him and a few where he managed me, he is such an amazing voice actor and just a great person in general, i 100% reccommend him!

  • @SolariaNights

    Ryan is one of the most amazing directors I’ve ever met. Along with this, an amazing friend, singer and VA. Just cast Ryan whenever you get a chance to thats all