Singer, Voice Actor, Editor and Artist for Pony and Anime Content

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About FireArt

I am a 22 year old girl that likes to sing, voice act and draw in her freetime. I have a YouTube channel called FireArt Productions, where I post covers and other videos related to My little pony, Danganronpa and other cartoons, anime or anything I find interesting.

What FireArt is looking for

I like to work on covers and audio projects. Voice acting for games would also be fun, but I haven't done it before. 

I just hope that my german accent won't get in the way of anything, lol. So I am often better at voicing original characters or doing narration.

All in all I just want to have fun and meet new people on cool projects.

  • @MelodySnowflake

    Fire is an amazing singer, narrator and voice actress. We co-produced the audio adaptation of the Danganronpa fanfic amalgamate, and often collaborate on YouTube projects

  • @bonzai_sumisu

    On time. Punctua. Professional l and hella polite.

  • @pierce-luigi

    Now this is an actress that will put in her soul for a character she plays. There were a few moments in Bioshock Rapture where she played Tenenbaum that made me cry because how beautiful and sad her performance was. Not only is she a great voice actress, she is incredibly generous, lending her voice in when I desperately needed a role filled in. FireArt deserves way more praise than she is already been given.