Janice Acevedo

Janice Acevedo

Voice Actress, Audio Engineer, ADR Director, Video Editor, and Sound Designer

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About Janice Acevedo

Janice M. Acevedo is a Recording Arts and Show Production graduate working towards becoming an ADR Director. From there, she hopes to move to Texas a get a start in mixing audio for anime/animation, video games, and even audiobooks.  

In her younger years, Janice participated in community theatre where she has been taught communication and teamwork skills. Janice always had a passion for ADR and sound design because she enjoys bringing visuals to life with voice over, sound, and music. One day, she hopes to create an animation series of her own because she wants everyone to be invested in the projects she creates.

My Website: janicemarieaudio.com

YouTube: Janice Marie Audio

Patreon: janicemarieaudio

Twitter: @Janice_M_Audio

Instagram: @Janice_Marie_Audio

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janice-acevedo-ba14a2199/

Pro Tools
Adobe Audition
Studio One

AT2020 Condensor Microphone
RODE NT1-A Condensor Microphone

SSL2 Interface
Behringer X-TOUCH Control Surface

Florida Institute of Recording Sound and Technology - 2021

Recording Arts and Show Production

Instructed by John LaRosa
  • @lunafreya

    I cannot even begin to describe how kind and friendly Janice is. I was cast in one of her projects and immediately felt like home in the server she had created for her cast. She is always active and down to just chat and hang out. She also provides so much for the actors in her projects and is one of the best directors I've ever worked with. She works incredibly hard, between managing her projects and attending school at the same time. If you ever get to work with Janice, you will quickly realize how much of an amazing director and friend she is. I am currently a part of a long-term project she is producing.
    Leo Defense Squad!!!

  • @willfpf

    Janice is one of the most kind, hard working people out there. She's approached the project I'm working with her on with extreme professionality, grace, and dedication. Her skills in almost every area cannot be understated, and it shows in her final products on EVERYTHING she works on. On top of this, Janice is a genuine and good person, and has the amazing talent to make anyone feel welcome. She's always helping people out in whatever way she can, whether it be through quality direction or just being there for you. Janice is an amazing person to work with, and a fantastic friend.

  • @adamnew

    Janice has been a wonderful director, editor, and friend for all the time that I have known her. She puts her all into everything she does and that effort shows in the quality of her work. I admire her for her tenacity, drive, and talent. Above all of that, though, she is a very sweet individual who is easy to talk to and always a blast to be around. I am extremely happy that I am able to work with her and eagerly look forward to doing more with in he future.

  • @cryshulvo

    Janice is a talented and communicative director. She has a passion for what she does and inspires everyone to give their best performance! She produces great quality work and such a pleasure to work with!

  • @katabelle

    AMAZING director and artist. Thanks for choosing me in your Encanto dub! Great direction and very patient. Work with Janice! :D