My name is Kuro I work as a Voice Actor/ Script Writer and Music Producer https://www.youtube.com/@vascape8647

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About Kuro

I started voice acting in 2021, and it became a passion almost immediately. I enjoy giving characters a voice and bringing them to life in the stories that I create.

For the past two years, I've been a dedicated writer, and I never fail to anticipate the next great idea for a tale or series. Fortuitously, I have a YouTube channel that not only lets me express my individuality but also allows me to include as many people as I can.

What I hope to find in this community is the opportunity to work with a wide variety of creative people from different areas, be they voice actors, composers, or artists.

What Kuro is looking for

I'm looking for people I can collaborate with, to learn and get better as an overall voice actor. As well as looking for people that would like to work with me and my associates on our youtube channel.

  • @mbarragan

    They were beyond friendly, welcoming and very open. I’ve never felt so welcomed and appreciated as a VA. They absolutely nailed down everything to be an absolutely amazing and friendly person ! Let it be their mood or aura but it’s always amazing to have people just like them when working on a project. 

  • @deleted659186

    Kuro is a great person to work with, friendly and engaging & talented!! 

  • @deleted597395

    It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Kuro an esteemed and talented Voice Actor to your renowned establishment / project.

    This individual has been an important supporter and contributor in the Origins & Lores Project as a Voice Actor and a Musician / composer. He does his work with passion and drive. He has an excellent range in his voice and does not fail to impress. He has always given his best in the work that he does and has always delivered and shown it.

    He is also a talented project owner and manager. He has a great attention to detail and has an ability to create relevant sounds and ambiences and backstories with precision. 

     I confidently recommend Kuro to join your team / project. As a dedicated and knowledgeable individual and an all-around great person, I guarantee that he will be a beneficial addition to your organization / project.

  • @deleted785684

    Kuro is an excellent director and script writer. The process in which he guided me through what to record, as well as the overall experience was seamless through and through. I highly endorse him!

  • @beardedtea

    Kuro is an excellent script writer and director, always clear and concise. They were always upbeat and friendly mannered, even when being asked deeper questions about the project. It's an absolute pleasure working with them and i'm excited to see where they go in their bright future.

  • @cloudyskies_

    Kuro is not only a passionate writer but also a delightful person to collaborate with. Their storytelling skills are incredibly captivating, allowing me to easily immerse myself in my role. They ensured my comfort in the assigned role and were always ready to provide support whenever needed. If you're seeking someone who pours their heart and soul into their creations, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kuro.

  • @justineleahva

    Kuro has been absolutely fantastic to work with! Their writing is inspired and was such a joy to record! They were very prompt in sending material to me and incredibly encouraging throughout the process. 

    Kuro is a very dedicated creator and who doesn't want to work someone who so clearly loves their craft?! 

    I wholeheartedly recommend Kuro and their work!

  • @alexchungvo

    If you have the opportunity to work with Kuro, jump in feet-first! His ability to create interesting characters with meaningful backstories is what truly makes working with him a great pleasure. He's a conscientious and thoughtful writer, who provided me with the exact amount of direction and nuance I needed as a performer (which is a rare talent!).