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About cloudyskies

I am a bubbly European-Asian voice-over artist with early experience in theater plays and choir performances. However, I later discovered my love for standing behind a microphone in my cozy home studio instead of performing on stage. My natural voice is mezzo-soprano with a medium pitch, but I can pitch it up or down as needed. If desired, I can sing in English or Japanese, too. Whether you are looking for a soft-spoken, friendly voice or a mature, authoritative one for your project, I am here to help you out :)

I once landed a random, extremely minor role in Naruto when I was 14 years old. Ever since then, I couldn't forget about voice acting. I kept fandubbing and singing. And even years later, when I became a language teacher narrating children's books to my students, I still loved doing voices. Well, I'm not a teacher anymore, but the fascination for voice acting remains.

There is always much to learn in the sphere of voice acting and I will do my best to handle your lines with care and bring your characters to life to the best of my ability.

- 2023

Introduction to Method Acting

Instructed by

How to inhabit the psyche of a character to facilitate realistic behavior in imaginary circumstances. Exploring the technique of using sense memory to tap into personal experiences and create authentic responses during acting performances. Achieving a blank slate before embodying the life of another person. Understanding how to release tension before creating a character. 

- 2023

Mini-Class: Voice Acting with Naturalism

Instructed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Understanding and analyzing character motivations and circumstances. Connecting imaginative character traits and experiences with your own personal encounters. Evoking natural emotions during performances. Balancing raw emotions for the final performance while adequately practicing script and delivery. Exploring the difference between practicing and performing.



What cloudyskies is looking for

As a creative person and a video game enthusiast, I am always thrilled to lend my voice to video game characters and participate in exciting projects. As a small content creator on YouTube, I'm also interested in doing voice overs for YouTube video projects together. When I voice a character, I feel as though I am entering their world and experiencing it firsthand. I particularly love portraying characters that resonate with me, especially in the Visual Novel genre, although I am always open to being experimental. My goal is to connect with like-minded people and creators, collaborate on exciting projects, and have fun.

  • @itskurokun

    Cloudy is extraordinarily gifted; she is a fantastic voice actress, she displays a great deal of expression on her recordings, and she possesses an incredibly soothing voice.

    She is dependable and punctual, so any of your projects would benefit tremendously from her participation.