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Heya! SprinkleSkiesVA here! 

Thanks for checking me out!

I'm here to give every opportunity my best shot and hopefully help cause some smiles along the way! 

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"My Hero Academia"

-Ochaco Uraraka-

-Mina Ashido-

"Teasing Master Takagi-San"

-Mina Hibino-

"That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime"

-Milim Nava-

"Soul Eater"

-Maka Albarn-



-Hiyori Iki-


-Kyouko Hori-

What SprinkleSkiesVA is looking for

Projects that people are passionate about! I'm looking for projects that are backed with a strong desire to create a finished product that everyone can be proud of. 

  • @harrypalmer2067

    SprinkleSkiesVA is honestly one of the most talented female voice actresses I've met on CCC! Not only does she put 110% into each of her auditions and characters that she plays, but she also helps to bring so much positivity to the projects she is cast in. Whether it's a major character, a minor character, or anything in between, Sprinkle has always delivered her best performance with any character that I've heard her play!

    I highly recommend anyone to hire her as an actress and she will not disappoint! She is very underrated and deserves more recognition for her efforts! Cast her and she'll prove me right!

  • @bebo

    This outstanding individual can really brighten up a room, their kindness and positivity outclasses that of saints. A very talented VA who can really make any role their apart of a memorable one. Its a pleasure to know them and to have met them through casting call. And i hope to see them one day voice thousands of characters. 

  • @dero2006

    Despite being relatively new to the voice acting scene SprinkleSkiesVA is one of the most talented VAs I know. She has a wide range of voices which are a blessing to your ears
    and always gives it her all . She is extremely fun to work with and has a cheerfully, funny and kind personality. If you are looking for a gifted, easy to get along with female voice actor I highly recommend casting SprinkleSkiesVA!

  • @shamelessva

    This lovely girl has one of the best voices i've ever heard in this kind of work and she is absolutely delightful to talk to and work with! Her voice fits the parts she gets so well that sometimes I think they're the original thing which is the best thing possible and I couldn't have asked to meet and speak to a better person! She is so dedicated to every role given to her and always hands lines in on time! If you skip out on a chance to work with her you are seriously missing out! Like so much! <3

  • @beablyboygaming

    Sprinkle is a voice actor for my Fandub studio called "AnimeFandubStudios". She voices Ochaco Uraraka & Mina Ashido and she absolutely nails the roles! 

    She is super talented and I would highly recommend that you consider casting her, she has a good range of different voices to suit the character that she is playing. I have never needed to ask her to redo any lines and she's never been late on a single deadline.

  • @av-va

    This person is such a blast to work with!!! They get into character in an instant! Her range is so versatile!! Her voice acting skills are getting better and better by the day, impressions are on point and her line delivery never disappoints! I look forward to working with her in more future projects! Please scout her if you haven't already, you're missing out on an amazing asset for your team! :)

  • @honeydew

    Sprinkle and I work in several projects together, and she is an absolute delight! She is very sweet and passionate, not to mention talented and always puts forth her best effort. She's a great friend and an amazing choice for any project.

  • @kluni

    Sprinkle is literally the definition of positive energy. Being on a project with her, especially my first project, was a fantastic time. She always takes the time to give constructive feedback to her peers, and to be there when someone is needed. On top of that, the delivery that she has with her lines is magnificent, and her voices are ON POINT. 

    One of the best people on the site, hands down

  • @funnelset

    Sprinkle's voice by itself is one of the most spectacular that I've come across on CCC. I could praise her for the performances that she gives for hours, however it would be an insult to ignore her other important traits. She's dedicated, focused, and very communicative with her audition's. She's never picky with her roles and any performance given is at its 100% best. But above all she's extremely kind and considerate of others and is an absolute blast to have around. Her motivation brings energy to any and everyone who has the chance to work with this amazing human being!

  • @gizmod120

    Sprinkles is one of the most talented voice actresses I've ever heard. She's got an incredible range and a stupendous amount of talent not to mention the charisma of a legend in the making! 
    Outside of her massive talents she's a genuinely kind soul who will do anything to see you smile and laugh, she's nerdy and will offer to ship you soggy cookies because she wants to.
    She inspires me to do better with my own work and I know she'll inspire many more in the future! Get this woman in some roles and watch her own the part! 

  • @OrpheusMercer

    I've found myself on the same cast on multiple projects with this talent and its plain to see why she was cast in all of them. She shined in everyone I saw her in, had that heroine energy in her voice, and the kindness in her heart. You won't regret giving her a chance to be part of your cast whatsoever. If you do feel free to message me to tell me how much of a liar I am and I'll apologize to you myself.