VA guy who loves Lemonade and Screaming into Microphones (but especially lemonade).

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About DangwooVA

I'm Dane, an avid VA and singer who loves to exercise, play video games, watch anime and read books! I've been doing voice work for 3 years now and I love what I do! I still have quite the way to go and whether or not I go professional, I love being able to entertain and put smiles on people's faces. I'm always looking to take my voice to the next level and I'll be sure to get there someday! If you need me for any VO work, don't hesitate to message me! I'm welcome to do work for free or for payment, just let me know!

In case you need to contact me on Discord, my tag is: dangwoova. Fair warning, friend requests are off, so please message me on CCC first.

PFP made by @scruffyeevee

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy - 2023

Creating Character Voices

Instructed by Joe Zieja

Pricing may depend on budget/number of character appearances. All payments are negotiable and may only go through PayPal.

  • @pepperimps01

    Dane is a wonderful actor to work with. He sends lines quickly and has a wide vocal range. Working with him has been such a joy, and I highly recommend any director hiring him for their project.

  • @Star_Eevee

    Dane voice-acts the main villain in my YouTube animated series: 'Eeveelution Quest' and oh my goodness he is brilliant! He has been so great to work with - sending lines quickly, happy to rework lines, listens to feedback and overall is a great and kind person to work with! He absolutely brought my character to life and my community love his voice. Definitely would recommend him to anyone needing voice-acting for their project!

  • @CosmicEevee

    Dane is AWESOME to work with!!! He's super friendly and gets along nicely with the others! He voices the main villain in my series The Mystic Eevee Quest and his voice for him is ABSOULUTELY PERFECT!!! I love how he's able to make it exactly how I imagined it to be and gives the villain the voice how it would sound if this character was real! I can't wait to hear his voice in sync with my animation!